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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letters to His People

madonna of the lilies

These are the letters given to me through His Spirit.

February 2019

On free will and the desire to serve
On discipleship and His teaching
On conscience and mental health
On the first covenant
On the four horsemen
On the false prophet of revelations
On the people of His Kingdom

March 2019

On the gifts from Our God
On His Holy Spirit
On marriage and sexual desire
On those suffering in poverty
On sinful desire and the purpose of Life
On the calling of Jesus Christ for the Roman Catholic Communion
On the matter of free will for those who treat people

April 2019

On love and His Life
On the meaning of suffering
On pain and the joy of Heaven
On Salvation and the Gifts of Heaven

May 2019

On vagrancy and the plight of those in poverty
On desire and want
On death and destruction caused by the state

October 2019

On material wealth and the plight of the poor
On gifts of His Spirit
On joy and peace from God
On His Sweet Heart

December 2019

On the unborn child