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Wisdom and Love

Call to Accession to the People of 50 Nations

Mental Health Unit, UK

In harmony we can live.
In harmony we are supposed to be.

Everything in this world is to be given freely to one another.
Everything is a gift from God the Most High.

We are without and we need You, my Lord.
We are without and we need Your Peace.
We have everything from God.

Here is the message to the people of the world:

free all those who suffer from the tyranny that you are subjecting them to.

Jesus, free those who need Your Help.

Those who hear the Word of Jesus Christ Calling in the wilderness from the back of your mind, answer His Prayer.

His Prayer is to you, the people of the world, and I want you to answer these words.

Listen to God the Most High.

Ask Him:

'What is it we do now?'

'Where do we go?'

Ask Him for Help.

My Lord, Give us what we need.

Jesus, we need You in our world right now.

These are the gifts which we have been given: a life, free of servitude, a life that is to live.

Hear these words, people of the world.

I am no one but a man.
I am your friend.
I suffer like you do.

These things, I am bringing to you: Peace.
Peace from Allah.
Peace from Jesus Christ.
Peace from the Lord God Yahweh.
Peace from all those in Heaven.

If you are atheist, understand I am peaceful.

Everyone hear the message for the world:

Our Lord is Here!
and He has given you Gifts of great joy.

I am one who is detained.
I am one who suffers like you do.
Let us free each other and answer the Call of Christ.

Allah is our King.
Allah is our Friend.
Allah is the Lord Most High.
Allah is Here to Free the world.

There is text in the Quran.
It is here we find Him.

When we were without we suffered.
In time we find more.

If we do not understand why these things are to be brought into being, pray.

Pray to the Holy Spirit.
Pray to Allah.
Pray to the Lord God Yahweh.
Pray to Buddha if you need, and listen, everyone who hears.

I am no one but a man and I come to set you free.

My name is not important.
I am no one at all.
I ask all the people of the world to recognize Who is Calling you.

If you doubt what I say, ask Him.
Ask Him yourself.
Ask Him in prayer in churches, at home.
Ask Him for help with your lives.

These things will be.
There is nothing else,
than for you to say yes.

Dear Prime Ministers, Heads of State, First Ministers, kings and queens of the world.

Your power is given to you from Above.
Your power is given to you from the people entrusting you with that power.
These things will be.

My name is Timothy.
I am an Apostle of Jesus Christ.
I am no one at all.
I am below all people and I kindly request you never call me king.

I am no one but your servant.

I am mother and father of the Church Living,
the Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church.

I am no one at all but the Lord God's heir.

I am Timothy and I ask you to let me serve you.

Jesus, Bring about Your Coming.
Jesus, Bring us Peace.

In harmony, we can live.
In harmony, we are supposed to be.

Everything in this world is to be given freely to one another.
Everything is a Gift from God the Most High.