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Wisdom and Love

Jesus tells me more

Manchester, UK

In time My Lord grants me Peace.

Satisfied with the idea I am in His Arms, my Lord grants me more.

Three hours I waited for the Lord to show me what I need, and He delivers her voice like a storm in my mind.

I listen intently to what she has to say, and she tells me of her love for me.

Whether this is true, is up for debate.

However I Trust in Jesus to keep me safe.

Moreover, I Trust in Jesus to grant me the woman He has promised me.

I Trust Jesus.

In these days I have no one to turn to.
My family help, and they have sheltered me in the family home.

I am though alone in my thoughts 90% of the day, and have only Jesus to hear.

I am with Jesus, and He tells me every word to write.

In time I believe He will save me.
In time, I believe He will return to me what I lost.
In time, I believe the love of my life, will return, with the Lord God's help.

In time, my life will be complete.

In Truth, I need love in my life.

Without love, I am with nothing.

"Hear what I say to you, Timothy,
the time is near where you will be with your woman."

All Glory and Honour and Praise to You, Almighty Jesus, for you have saved me once more.

In this day I am with Joy.