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Wisdom and Love

Life is Given

Manchester, UK

What Life is found when all around us take our life away from us?
Where can we go when no one is on our side?
What Truth is found in Suffering, the sins of others, and being blamed for them?

Truth is Suffering.
Truth is a life of Suffering,
bearing the Wounds of Jesus Christ,
on the Cross,
and being Crucified with Him.

Life though, is also found.

When we Suffer on account of the sins of this World,
on Account of the Lord God's Holy Name of Jesus,
we Suffer with Him.

Life is found here.

Life is found in the Passion, and Resurrection of Our Lord.

When we Suffer,
we are committing the slavery of our births,
to Christ.

We welcome Him in,
sharing in the Glory of His Resurrection,
because we are made like Him.

Who identifies with this story?

Certainly the beggars,
certainly those wrongly accused,
the accursed,
and all those who Suffer unjustly the cruel hands of our governments.

We are like Jesus.

We became like Him,
because Jesus loves us.

We suffer,
with Him,
in Him,
and through Him.

We are with Jesus,
in His Sorrowful Passion.

In the Garden of Gethsemane,
All Things were Known to Jesus of Nazareth.

God Himself,
Bore the Wounds of His Passion and Crucifixion,
to share with us the Mystery of Life.

Life is held at one with Truth.

Truth and Life, while found in polar distant emotions of our lives,
enters into our hearts when we Pray to the Lord God.

Truth and Life are found here,
where we are Called to Life,
to Peace,
to the Crucifixion.

Let us enter this year,
praising the Lord Jesus Christ,
for allowing us to suffer with Him.

Let us lead into Lent this year,
reminding ourselves of the reason Jesus Died on the Cross.

For His Glory,
a Glory we share in,
a Glory found ultimately in Eternal Life,
that Given to us by our Saviour,
the Reward for our suffering.

As examples,
we show those around us,
what it is to live fruitful lives.

As pawns in the Heavenly Game of Chess,
we bring freedom to the hearts of others who suffer with Him,
with us.

Peace be with you.