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Wisdom and Love

My Lord brings me Love

Manchester, UK

The Way to Paradise is near.

My Lord, show us Your Wisdom and Bring to us this New Life.

For 10 months I have prayed for the end of this way I have been shown.
A black sheep I became, only to be slaughtered by those who would do me wrong.

The prison service, the police, the courts, and most harmfully, the mental health workers, all set out to crucify His Chosen heir.

I am one who is destroyed.
I am one with you.

My life is a crucible, of fear.
With tender stems of weed ready to be ravaged in the fire.

My life is a wilting branch, ready to be trod under foot,
leaving a life of pain in the wake of my stride.

I am with passion for Truth.

I am with passion for Life.

My Lord, both ways are shown to Him.
Both ways are with Life Everlasting,
only one course I can tread.

Suffering is my life,
so she can experience Paradise.

My Life is born for this,
as any man who loves his fair maiden.

What then for the Spirit of Truth?
When does the Gift given to Noah rear His Hand to Save us?

In this year, this very year, Paradise is the Way we find.

I Trust in Him, always.

Peace be with you.