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Wisdom and Love

Peace to all those who are suffering

Mental Health Unit, UK

These things were to be.
These things have always to come.
Nowhere in this world are we safe.
Nowhere in this world can we be free.

If ever there was a time for justice, for freedom, it is when the Lord God shows us the way.

I am Timothy, a man accused of many things, a man standing trial.
I am Timothy and I am detained in a mental health unit.

The Lord God has given me this kingdom.
This kingdom is earth.

By Royal Ascent from king David through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour.

Our Lord God declares these things.

I am no one.

I am no one at all, but your servant.

I am the Lord God in I.
I am Jesus Christ inside me.

Nowhere have I been where the Lord God has not taken me.

Everything I do, I do for Christ.

No one in this world is without a belief in something.

Believe in morals, at the very least.
Believe in the sanctity of human life.
Believe in all of God's Creation.

Believe! and feel Peace.

We are with our Lord very soon.

In less than a hundred years, the prophecy of St. John of the Revelation, will come to pass. These things are maybe not known to those who do not believe. Those who have faith in the Holy Spirit, in Allah the Most High, in Yahweh, in any Abrahamic religion, will Hear from Him. Those of other faiths may pray to Him and understand these things are True, are Just, are Right.

When we listen to the Message of Peace offered by His King, Jesus Christ, we will understand what He brings to the world. Unity between all people, all faiths, all creeds, all ways of being.

Unity between you and me.

Unity to allow ourselves to live a life of freedom, of kingship over what we earn, what we have, and moreover what we want to share with the world in our lives.

I am not a king.

I am no one.

Though I do declare I am mother and father of the Church Living.

Peace be with you, my dear friends and family.