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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Diary of Wisdom and Love

This is the Journey to Wisdom and Love which I have taken over 10 years.

The diary starts in 2017, after I was released from my first set of detentions, for hearing God speak to me.

Ill I was not, though I was deemed not to have free will, and therefore ill, because I heard from God.

What an absurdity, to be called ill, for saying something in the Gospel of Matthew.

You can download the PDF for Sins of Olde England, diarizing the suffering I received from the NHS and the Police force, and the Church itself, over 10 years:


This book was removed from Amazon, along with my other books, because Amazon received a report from one of the nurses who tortured me for days in Brook Ward, that I had included their first name and called them a nurse, in the book.

It was in fact not even there for the person who reported it, at the time it was published on Amazon, as they were forced to be numbers, by the NHS.

It would have been though anyway, their first name, and not identifiable.

Now see all the numbers, including my family's names, begin with F.