Diary of Wisdom and Love

Journey to Normandy

Caen, France

Jesus took me out of the car park and I was asked by Him to plot a route on my navigation system to Amiens.

En route He took me to a place to rest, off the route of the GPS and while the GPS was still guiding me.

He took me to Île d'Adam outside Paris where He showed me a garage on the back roads which He told me was where no one would be for a couple of hours.

He told me to phone my F001, and we spoke briefly.

After I hung up the phone, my eyes became heavy and I rested my head, with the engine off, against the window of the car He provided me with.

I slipped into a dream.

After a couple of hours of rest, I was awoken to the sound of knocking on my window, where the owner had returned and was asking to park her car in front of her garage.

I apologised profusely, with the words Jesus gave me in French, and hurried on my way.

He asked me to continue down the road, where I found a dead end, still wanting to sleep. There He told me to enter, where there was a no entry sign except for residents. Indeed the road was difficult to manoeuvre down, and He showed me that while He speaks His Word to me, I should do what I am knowing before all else.

I trusted in His Wisdom, and reversed slowly out of the road. He guided me throughout, and told me to stop the car at various places that would have led to a bump while reversing.

The road He then took me down led to the center of the village, where He gave me want for food. He gave me the image of a pizza, with ham and mushrooms and there appeared a Trattoria in the center of town.

He gave me a mild sense of tiredness, which He has given me when I need to pull over, and I found there a parking place near the restaurant.

After a few moments with Jesus as my dear beloved Friend, He gave me desire to leave the vehicle and told me to take just my phone with me.

I got out and headed to the first restaurant on the way, for which He asked me to read the menu. There was nothing really on there which I wanted to eat, and He showed me that the desire He gave me would be fulfilled further on the road at the Trattoria.

Trattoria La Bocca

I walked further and found there was a table I wanted to sit at, in the shade. It was clearly the best table on the pavement. I spoke to the manager who was waiting the tables and he told me they were fully booked, and then I saw the reserved notice on the table I wanted to sit at, along with all the other tables.

There was one low table with sofas around it which I thought would be difficult to eat at. There I was invited by the manager to eat there, or go inside. I had desire to smoke a cigarette after my meal, so I asked him if I could have a menu, and sat at the table outside.

Low Table at La Bocca

There Jesus gave me knowledge that the tables which were reserved were for important people. I sat and opened the menu.

He showed me the whole menu, and as I looked through, I found the vision I had received of the pizza I wanted there as the cheapest option on the menu. There were many fine things also at a similar price, not too expensive, but I saw that I wanted also a peach ice tea, and there was an offer for lunchtime dining, at around the same price as the pizza on its own.

When ordering my food, I asked for ice tea, and they had none. My desire rapidly changed to ask for a mango juice, which they had available.

I also ordered a coffee, which I had want for, and an ash tray.

As I waited for the food, I was told to look at the people beginning to be seated at the reserved tables. One couple appeared to be known to the owners of the restaurant. Another couple seemed to be young and in love, possibly on an early date in their relationship.

The last couple appeared once my food had arrived, and appeared to prefer the shade where the young couple were, and they were asked to move... which they seemed to do gladly for the women that arrived.

I was seated in the sun, and very much appreciated the table I was at, as the warmth of the sun heated my body and gave me what I lacked in the morning cool.

As I ate my food, I was reminded of the Love and Kindness of my beautiful Lord and what He had done for me in the last 5 years. Freeing me from persecution, liberating me from my sinful ways, and guiding me to New Life in Him.

Food at La Bocca

I left the restaurant without the coffee I ordered, as I had no desire to wait, and the want for coffee from Jesus had gone.

I wished the owners bonne journée and left for my vehicle.

I was told that I did not want to really drive all the way to Amiens, only to return south again to go to Normandy. He instructed me to set course for the American War Cemetery in Normandy, and en route out of the village I was given desire to book a place to stay that would be en route.

Fiddling with my phone while in traffic, I did not know where I would stay. He told me to return to the nearest car park, and showed me the map. He showed me that Caen would be the best place to stay, and I proceeded to book the cheapest place I could find.

There was a place outside Caen which was 34€ a night, however I didn't really have want to stay there.

He had shown me where I wanted to stay was 51€ a night and gave me knowledge that I would have what I wanted there: a place for coffee long into the night and a table to complete the last pieces of work on my diary.

Being stubborn, I tried to book the cheapest place available. When it came to the payment screen, I placed my finger to the screen of the phone and He told me "No, I'll show you where you're staying tonight. It's the place I showed you before."

He took me back to the menu of the application I use, and found that I could book it out of rewards I had received for my stay in UAE. I looked at a few other options on the screen, and saw I had both Knowledge and Desire, that is a real urge, to book exactly that hotel.

I booked the place, and made my way there.