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Diary of Wisdom and Love

His Pilgrimage of Truth and Life

This is the continuation, after freedom, of the journey Jesus intended from February to March 2019.

In freedom, I am given the ability to reveal the True Message of Wisdom He has bestowed in my soul.

Jesus is the King of Our Desires.
He takes everyone to Him.
He is with all people.

Jesus is Our Life.
He is Our Hope.
He is Our Experience, Desire, Wisdom, Freedom.
He is Life Itself.

The journey He shows in this chapter, is to be travelled by those seeking help.

Glory to the King Yahweh!
Glory and Peace to the King Jesus Christ!
Glory and Love to Our Saviour, God the Almighty Father!
Peace and True Wisdom from the Lord of All, His Majesty the Holiest of Spirits!