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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of All Things

Nature of All Things

Nature of All Things

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This is the profoundly Divine Revelation I received from the Almighty Ever Living God on the Nature of All Things.
Every Word is His.

Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with this Teaching.

Jesus is Our King.
Adore Him.
He is God.

Everything Written is His Word.
Nothing that was Spoken, is not Written.
Everything in Totality, is Written.

This is the Revelation of All Things.

It comes in 24 parts.
There is a Teaching, for those who are Called to holiness.

25 chapters are Written.
They were Written in the Beginning.
They were Revealed in time.

I am Timothy, His Apostle,
none of these Words,
are mine.

"This is for you,
My dear children,
Suffering the Life I give you.
I love you."

Read the rest of my diary,
to discover more,
of The Lord Jesus Christ,
who is speaking to you now.