Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Teaching we receive

Sale Moor, UK

Jesus, show Your People, what is needed to Understand Your Teaching.

"Timothy, here are all Words from Me.
This is all Truth.
With a capital T."

Jesus tells us to believe in Him.
What we have become, is a world of disbelievers in the Holy Spirit. It is the last 400 years in which we have become this way.

It is not the Way of His Gospel.
It is not the Way of the Old Testament.
It is not the Way of the Disciples.
And it is not the Way of holiness.

When we hear the Clergy refer to themselves as speaking in the Holy Spirit, by simply reading the Gospel at Mass, we should realise the message of the Apostles, who spoke in tongues, who healed, who delivered messages of Truth, with Power, and often humility.

We have become a Church of disbelievers in the Message of God.

When did society stop listening to their thoughts?

Jesus knows I do not want to write this, given my aforementioned situation right now.
But I am Jesus in I.

I know those desires to stop writing,
to water down the message,
to deliver you nothing more than a peaceful homily,
are all from God.

I know also,
I don't seem to be writing to anyone.
All I see are strange IP addresses in my logs.

I know though, Jesus has me.

I have no choice but to teach.

Consider now,
why would I write right now,
when I've basically avoided another 3 months in detention.

Why would I lift up my finger,
get out of bed,
rise out of the depression of the last 48 hours,
knowing only that the hour has past.

And indeed, that hour passed as was written.

These things need to be understood.

The observer is not I,
nor am I you.

What matters to me most,
is Truth.

Truth was known to me as Suffering.
Jesus' Crucifixion is what He taught me, to survive the last 5 years.

I am told right now of Sr Imelda Magdalen, and her desire to receive the Holy Eucharist.
Indeed, Jesus has prevented me, through my desires, in receiving the Eucharist in person.
Only visions have I had, and a longing to taste His Body on my tongue, for over 3.5 years.
I requested in 2019 for any Catholic Priest to grant me my desire, of even visiting me in the ward I was detained and receiving the Eucharist.

It was that I was not to receive it from even a Eucharistic Minister.

Instead, Our Lord told me:

"Timothy, ask the Anglican Reverand, who is visiting today, to make a Mass.
Ask him to pray that the Body is of the Roman Catholic Rite.
It will be My Body."

I asked him, quite rudely, to do this, and he was overjoyed to be accepted finally into communion with a Roman Catholic. He is indeed an Anglo-Catholic.

This was given to both of us.

That kind man, is my friend.

What is also true, is that he witnessed to me, understanding of who the Holy Spirit is.
Before 5 years ago, I believed He was like electromagnetism,
a cosmic dust floating through the universe,
only to be a way of communicating between God,
and man.

This is the level of my teaching, before Jesus began Teaching me 5 years ago.

How stupid I was, but then, how was I taught?
And indeed, where were the teachers?

This needs to be understood by you.

Who is the Holy Spirit?
Ask a member of your seminaries, to explain the Nature of God to you.

Ask them, what they're learning.
Confirm that teaching, with God who speaks to you now.

What is True?
When is it Taught to the lay people?


Jesus Teaches in a Way to give you doubts, confusion, and desires to walk away.
Jesus Taught the Saints like this.
Jesus has Taught you through your entire life in this Way.

There is no one who does not suffer a lack of Faith in their lifetimes.

Look at me,
look at the last 2 weeks.

I am believing every word of what I write.
I know these things are true.
But how can I know them, if God sometimes speaks untruths, to Teach us Truth?

How can I know suffering doesn't await me?

For example,
when the faithful decide to 'test Jesus',
by acting on their so-called free will.

And that indeed would be a good test,
try it,
see how long you can hold back the desire to breath,
and then if you manage that, ask Jesus for help.
Clearly I am joking, I wouldn't do so unless I might be suffocating.

But even then, I know Jesus makes me.
And I trust in His Promise that I would survive,
for the time being.

It is indeed fear of the Unknown which we experience with Doubt.

What you are experiencing is fear you are going to be taken in the same way I am.
That is, in the same way, you believe, I am taken.

Do you believe this?
Is it based on Experience that you have this Knowledge?

Is Doubt, Knowledge?
It is indeed.
Experience derives Knowledge.
Knowledge is uncertain, without Experience.

There it is, the simplicity of the Divine Revelation of the Nature of Creation.

A Teaching, you all doubted, because it was child like in nature.
I agree.
I doubted it was even Wisdom,
but then, God wrote it.

I was ready to, as it were, throw it in the fireplace.
But that is easy on a computer,
until everyone reads it.
The Church too.

If we do not pray for Wisdom,
how can we expect to receive it?

Understanding is built on the foundation of Faith.

What you are also Understanding,
is that,
I could be the anti-Christ.

Indeed, read Isaiah 5 once more.

Replacing good for evil, and evil for good,
is exactly my Call.

Teaching that the All Merciful Father,
not just allowed,
but created Evil,
as well as all we know.

The anti-Christ as I said,
is a Demon.

A Demon,
is not a being,
it is a Way of Teaching.

Jesus created,
Jesus removed.

Evidence for all of this is in the Bible.

Read what you have Understood before,
and Understand again.

It is in fact, a joyful Message Jesus is delivering to you.
It is, a New Age, of Peace.


These things are known to you from the Gospel.

Jesus healed those with Demons.
I write a capital Demon,
rather than a lowercase,
as the authors of the Gospels knew to.

This was though the Way,
that Jesus Taught us in those days.

Does the Teaching change?
Are we still with Demonic Spirits in the world?

Who is the Demon?
It is certainly not God.
Nor is it the person Taught.

It is though that they Suffer what Jesus Teaches them.
A Way of being that to all of us today is known to be called psychosis.
And therefore, is treated with drugs.

It is not treated in any way with drugs.

This is through Prayer that these people are healed.

Drugs do nothing.
Look at medical evidence and you will find,
not a single one of those drugs is older than 20 years.
Their trials were beset with problems.
They are trial drugs.

They don't do anything.
Those people suffering severe obesity,
compulsive behaviour,
and far more,
never needed these things in their lives.

They even believe that giving them severe prolonged electric shocks to the brain, helps them.
I am thankful, the law in this country allowed me the choice to prevent that.
I have though known others who were deceived into believing it would help them,
they were numb from this treatment,

As you would expect, it is common sense.

Then there is the issue of detentions,
which anger these people further,
aggravate them and lead them to symptoms that they call mentally ill,
limiting their freedoms so they have no choice of even where to walk beyond a corridor,
and they are subject to the cheapest labour possible by those health systems,
to the point that they suffer physical and emotional abuse from people who don't care about them.

Clearly it is not everyone who objects to themselves being treated.
Take for example some famous celebrities who advertise their 'illnesses' for all to understand that having one 'is ok'.

Those people themselves, have suffered these same abuses,
and they have been brainwashed.

So why is this so important for the Church,
and not just a personal vendetta of mine?

Because not only are the vast proportion of patients in those places Christians, most of them are Roman Catholics,
hearing either Demons, or Truth from Jesus Christ.

Never are they allowed to practice their faith.

Demons are here to stay.

Treat people fairly,
and minister to them,
in the Way Jesus Calls us in His Gospel.


How is it the All Merciful Father is All Merciful?
If He did not create Evil,
how can He forgive it?

What is forgiveness,
if not welcoming His sinful Children home?

Is He All Merciful?
Is He Judgemental?
Where does Judgement take place?

On Earth.

This is written in Revelations.
It is grossly misunderstood what is written there,
mainly in the modern day by Hollywood,
and indeed the Clergy and the lay people of the Church it seems.

It is understandable,
it was how it was taught for hundreds of years.

When asking a Priest I know what he understood about Satan,
he stumbled,
fawned an answer,
that it is taught by the Church to be a fallen angel.

An angel God would have created.

At Creation?

Is Creation not an act of Love?

Why does Jesus, give authority to heal Demons to the Apostles?

Is it so, as Hollywood believes, there is war in Heaven between Satan and God?

Consider these things, and understand what is True in the revelation of free will, and the lack thereof we'll never know of.

Clearly, any story could be true?
Only God can tell you what is True.

When we hear from God, how do we know what is True?

My experience, and everything I hear around me, tells me that I must be insane for believing the voice in my head is any other than a mental illness.

But this is not what I know.

My Experience is actually founded on proofs God has given to me.

What I do not know, is what everyone else believes is true.

That is your truth, this is mine.

If you fail to understand this message, then know I feel strong, knowing it myself.

It is what I have been through,
and I am reminded of what I have been through to get here,
by the last 2 weeks of strengthening.

This is as Peter spoke of in his second letter.

2 Peter 1:1-11

It is also James who wrote similar words.

These things are Taught in the Bible.

Why then, are you disbelieving me?

Because of your Experience from Society.
You hear, mental illness,
you see, psychosis,
you do not know, what the Apostles went through,
and nor did I.

They did not receive the same Teaching as I have.
But then, I have not received the Wisdom that they did.
They were Called to create the Church.

I am Called to bring about the Second Coming of Christ.

These are words, I did not know to write.
Jesus, had to take my hands,
stop His Speech which I was following,
and having given me the thought of what He would write,
wrote every single word.

I knew not to write them,
for how they will be received,
not from what I know from God.

He asks me whether I am ok sending this right now.
I want to,
it's a cool thing to be doing,
quite cool to do something called bringing about something that's been spoken in Hollywood about many times. Cool, it would not be, to have my family read it.

This then, I ask you to understand, my dear friends.

I am not who you think I am.

As St Paul, says, I am no longer I, but Jesus in I.

Understand what that says.

It isn't simply reading the Gospel at Mass that I experience,
it is God's Word always with me.
It is seeing Holy Miracles in front of my eyes,
seeing people hear God in their thoughts,
and being healed by Him.

These are things which are unbelievable.
But now I have Experienced them.
They are known to me.
I have Knowledge now of the Known.

You see, in the best of terms, I have knowledge of something unknown.

What do you need to do to verify Truth?

It is not simple, I know.

Truth is given,
Truth is taken away,
Truth is different, it seems, to what you already Know.

Only God can give you what you need.

Verifying Truth

What is this Coming of Christ I speak of, that is, Jesus speaks of in I?

How am I to even consider "bringing about the Second Coming of Christ."

To everyone the idea would be absurd.

And indeed, it is. To me as well.

I am sitting here at 5am, hearing words from Jesus about the Second Coming of Himself.
I have known no one from the Church to speak to me in over a year.
I am looking at analytics on my server,
which Jesus is showing me,
seeing only that they have to be the Church looking at the Words Jesus has given me.

Indeed, that is all I have.

But I write,
because it's fun.

And Jesus makes it fun.

Then Doubt creeps in,
it is what He gives to me,
to question,
what I am writing.
To question what is True.

Not a single word of these letters have been edited for anymore than an apostrophe.
And indeed a capital letter here or there.

I know to Trust Him,
because of what I've experienced.
And indeed, it seems, He's the only One I've had to Trust in many years.

There are two things I hold dear in the Promises I've been given by God.

I've waited many years for these things.

The first, which I believe more than anything, my family to be.
What is incredible there is the nature of the Promise.
And it clearly can't be verified,
except by God,
for many years.

The only one I do know is truly impossible, is the Church accepting what I write as Truth.
It is to me impossible.
And it needs to happen soon,
for even my family to come about.

Excommunication is on my mind,
I dearly hope,
it is untrue.

It is also the case, that my suffering in the mental health units, does not necessarily end with acceptance that I am hearing God by even the Vatican.

It is the case, such answer to my Prayers,
would be just ignored by those people.

What is needed, is a lawsuit.
And there's a lawsuit that has been Promised.
A lawsuit, from you, the Church.

For this to happen,
you need to verify what is True,
and you need to do it soon,
and only God can do it.

You need to verify, and Know it is True.

To verify, and hear God Teach you.

Only God will do that,
no one in their right minds would think I believe that you will make this happen,
and certainly not I.

This 'method' of hearing God speak to you,
the 'method' of His Sweet Heart,
was revealed to me in 2018.

It is it was completely unknown to me that,
would ever,
believe it.

Everything that happened,
was seemingly untrue.

What is there more than a true friendship with a homeless man,
who's life was transformed one night,
by God speaking him with that Prayer? And now always will be.

We talk together,
verifying what each other hear,
as written by the Apostles.

What seems to be True in the last few months,
is that this has happened time and time again,
including with Pure.

I am told, she is with Him in the same way I am.
Do not find her right now,
this time is too dangerous.
I have no way of verifying this,

Verifying these things are True,
is seemingly impossible.

But God has a Plan for these things.

How then should we verify Truth of the Unknown?

Do you believe in God?
When did you begin believing in God?
Was it psychosis?

It is your truth,
given to you,
by God.

You will Know it as Truth,
when it is time.

Certain human actions would need to be done,
because that is the manner in which God has said in these writings that we must live.

That being,
when we hear 'wait',
it is to wait.

When we hear,
it is to pray.

What then is next, for any of us?
We are in Life.
Life is given by God.

Why is it that it is given by God,
and we have no control over it?
Why can't we spend hours in prayer,
and plead with God,
as the entire world,
praying for a Miracle?

Because no one will do it,
until it is time.
And even then,
it will only be done,
because God Wills it.

This is the Nature of Desire.
We do things, based on the desires we have.
We cannot do anything, we have no impulse for.
And God gives us those impulses.

If I say to you, I desire an apple,
but then eat an orange.

Why did I not desire the orange?
I did,
I ate the orange.

But I still desired an apple.

Why did I cause suffering to another man?
Did he desire that suffering?
No, most likely.

Instead, I desired to inflict that suffering,
and the man desired to take it in the way he did.

That man suffering has desire to have suffering no longer,
and someone,
or God,
will intervene,
to bring him peace,
even in Heaven if needed.

The suffering man was Called to Suffer.
The man inflicting Suffering was called to evil.

God does not want Suffering.
But Suffering is necessary.

There is a lot to write on this matter,
and there are no more lines to write it here.
Just read Good and Evil, and see some wisdom.
Lower case s. (I did mean s - JC)

This Suffering, and indeed anything done to anyone, is Interaction driven by the Activity of others.
All Activity, comes from God.
and even if you like the abstract,
Nothing comes from God.

What then for Creation?

Why were there so many simplistic statements in such a Divine Teaching?
Because it is simple.

He Is.
He Is Creation.
We Are In Creation.

There is something there I do know is not written in Church Teaching,
the concept that we were born,
before we were born.

But why is it unwritten?
Because it hasn't been revealed.
That is Divinely Revealed.

Is it True?
Ask Jesus, to verify Everything I have written.
Every last full stop and comma.
And indeed the shameful comedy to my dear Father.

Read now, the Nature of All Things,
when it is written,
as it is written,
and understand that hardly any of you Understood anything from Call of the Apostle.

Why is this that the first letter in that book,
is Call of the Apostle?

These things are Wisdom.
Jesus reveals Wisdom to who He chooses,
when He chooses.

Where is the Wisdom in this writing?

It is everyone will understand something or nothing different to what I do.

Every word, is different, in how it is written in your heart.

This is True with all Wisdom.
In all walks of life.
In all religious articles.
Of all God's religious ways.

This is the Church of Wisdom and Love, Jesus has Prophesied.

These are Words from Jesus Christ.

I do hope you didn't mind My Ramblings.
These thoughts are known to Me.
I put them there.