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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Nature of Suffering

Kensington, UK

I am he who suffers.

I am Timothy His apostle.
Every Word Jesus says is Given to me to say to you.
No word has He said to me that I have not said.

Every word is His.

Jesus Suffers with us.

He is our Lord and Saviour.

Do you suffer in your life?
Why do you suffer?

Jesus is your God.

We suffer so that when suffering is relieved in those times
of joy,

When we suffer no more, we know what it is to experience
and rest.

We appreciate it,
and know what it is God has given us.

Did you enjoy your suffering?

If you did, you didn't really suffer.

Suffering is hard to bear.
Suffering though is where we are Taught in the Teaching we Receive, we receive truth from the Lord God Almighty.
Everything He teaches us is what He gives us to live by.

Our knowledge develops in those times we suffer.
We have been taught.

What is it about life, that means we need to suffer?
Why did he create Suffering, when it is so hard to Experience?
Suffering is the Meaning of Existence.

Life cannot Exist without Suffering.

Are you Free?
Do you have what they call free will?

Have you done wrong to another in your life?
If you haven't, think again.

When we do wrong, we cause Suffering to those around us.
We cause the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Suffering Exists in order that we Experience the Divine Treasure that is Paradise.

Without suffering, we would not know why He Created Paradise. Why He Created us.

Have you ever loved another?
Maybe your mother,
Maybe your spouse,
maybe a distant relationship that couldn't exist. 🐝

Suffering is born through your love.
Truth is found in Suffering.
Love bears Suffering.

Have you ever watched your child abandon all Hope?

Love bears Suffering.

How can we view the world right now, our histories without understanding the Truth that we've experienced in the Suffering of our ancestors?

How can we not learn from the history of mankind?
The Bible,
the wars of this world, last century,
the war to come?

"100 years you have from the writing of My servant, Timothy."

Peace will be Found in the Coming of Christ.

Why did He Create Suffering for us to bear and not take it on Himself?

I love My Lord.
I ask to Share the Crucifixion with Him.

Never will we find a time where we will not Suffer.
Suffering is our Destiny for Eternity, but Joy is found each day, each time suffering is relieved.

Suffering is with us, and we cannot live without the Hope that suffering will be relieved one day.

Peace is found in Wisdom and Love.
Peace is found in Jesus Christ.
Peace is found in His Coming.

Pray each day until the Coming of Christ
for Peace.