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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Nature of Peace

Kensington, UK

My Lord, where is it we are going, if it is not to you?
Do we find anything else in this world other than suffering?
My Lord, we are lacking in peace.
Please grant us peace.

These are words the Lord says to me, and he asks us all to be peaceful.

Why do we lack in peace?

Have we not learned from generations of suffering?

Where do we find truth today in the world? Have we lost sight of what is needed in society?

Truth is found in suffering, but it's not that truth is suffering.

Truth is found in making our lives more sustainable, happier, more joyful, more peaceful.

If we were to have a happy life and we do not know where to go, is that really truly peaceful?

Is it peaceful to wander through the world, wander through eternity without direction, without hope?

Where is our destiny?
Where are you going?
Is there an afterlife?
Is there anything more than what we have?

Happiness is a strange concept because we can be quietly happy and still not truly be enjoying our lives.

We can stroll through the wilderness and get on with our work and face the drudgery of every day life.

Happiness is really found in the peace of Jesus Christ, the peace he offers to us all.

What is that peace?

Well, we certainly know the concept of peace between nations and a lack of war.

Is that what Jesus means by His peace?

In the nature of all things, we discuss the concept of our destiny, a destiny of suffering, suffering for eternity.

We despair when we lack hope.

Peace is found in faith, in faith of the everlasting, faith in the idea that we will one day be relieved of our suffering.

There is meaning for this for everyone.

Peace is first found by giving us what we need. Happiness, love, joy, God, each other.

When we lack hope, we do truly despair.

We find for an umpteenth time that, there is no joy in the world, because we are not experiencing joy. We forget what God has given us.

There isn't a time in all of creation that we haven't suffered.

Why would we think there is a time in heaven where we do not suffer, at least in part?

Certainly there are times when we are happy, but the happiness is short-lived and again, we fall into suffering.

When we understand the meaning of teaching, we understand the the purpose of suffering, the purpose of introducing us to the concept of joy, why He created joy and peace, and giving us what we need to live happy lives.

There is no more to find in this world than a way of being with each other, a way of sharing what we have, giving away the last grain of our stores and opening our hearts to those who are suffering.

Because we are suffering, let us relieve the suffering of another.

Take from this what you will.

There is more to life than finding joy.
There is more to life than taking all that we can.

Giving away our lives to Christ is what many of us in the world do.

Even if we do not believe in God, we give our lives in humble thanksgiving for his creation. We take no more than we need and we give what we are given to those who need it instead.

Why do I talk of these things right now?

I do know that peace is only found when Christ gives it.

If someone is to suffer, they're to suffer because God has given them their suffering.

When we find true happiness, we find God, we find peace.

God is Truth.
The meaning of Peace Himself.

Peace and Love from the Highest.