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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Nature of Freedom

Kensington, UK

What does it mean to be Free?
Are you Free?

Do you understand what freedom means, for the totality of creation.
If you are free, then you are dead.
You wouldn't have even been born.

If you are free.
Life simply cannot exist.

Freedom is an illusion.

If you think you are free, the illusion is created by your creator:

I am Timothy, an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

I say these Words to you and I say every Word Jesus gives me to say to you.
No Word am I saying that Jesus hasn't told me to say to you.
Every word I say is what Jesus gives me to say.

These are the Words of Jesus Christ.

Where did we find the idea of free will?
It was in ancient literature of philosophers, idealists, who reasoned that we must be free because we have control over our actions.

Again, the illusion is so elusive because God is the one doing it.

If you believe you can be free,
and not run amok,
carrying out your own sinful desire and,
executing all beings that do not do your will,
then you are mistaken.

No one is free.

Everyone obeys his will.

Jesus has given us freedom as a Gift.

We Experience freedom, though we are not free so that we have the gift of life.

'We are not automatons scheduled in a way by God to...'
But we are.

Have you ever considered that God is the one doing all the evil in the world?

There was a Prophecy from a very important Prophet to Jesus,
to the divine plan.
That Prophet was imprisoned for the things he said.

I am not that prophet, though.
Though I've been imprisoned for the things I've said.

That Prophet was Isaiah and holy is his name.

Did you stop and think right now what it is I am thinking?

Did you ponder the Execution of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?
I did not.
I'm hearing Words from the Lord God and I'm relaying to you the words He tells me to say.

These words are those which are forced out of my mouth.
Forced speech, it would be.

Your voice is given to you.
You say what God gives you to say.
You have thoughts which God gives you to think.
You have desires which God gives you to want.
You have knowledge which God gives you to understand.

How is there anything other than freedom in life?
There is joy, peace, happiness, and freedom.

The suffering we bear on each other is given to us by God.

'Woe to he who calls good evil and evil good.'
It is I who received this word.
This is born on me by those who prophecy there was free will.

Where in the Bible does it say we have free will?
Where in the Jewish texts that are accepted by the Apostles,
does it say we have free will?

We are Free in Life.

We do not have free will.

There is nothing more to say than we are all Satan.

Satan is a sinful desire of all mankind.
Satan does not exist.
There is no hell.
There is no damnation.
We are all destined for Paradise.

Judas Iscariot, Adolph, Hitler, and all of those who slaughter and maim us:
we will share Paradise with All People.

Come and see the Lord God and His Creation!

Almighty Ever Living God, All Powerful, Loving, and Merciful Christ the Redeemer!

God is Our King!