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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Nature of Doubt

Kensington, UK

From His Apostle Timothy.

Every word I speak I'm given to speak by the Lord Jesus Christ.
Not any word am I speaking, which I have not been told to speak.
Every word I hear, I speak.

This is the Word of God,
and I deliver it to you, His People.

What we receive in our knowledge from God is for us to live by. There is meaning to this. If we were to receive a particular fact that we hold as true, that no one else in the world believes is true, then what are we to do?

"Peter wrote that we should hold true to our heart's desires."

Is this true? I have no idea. I'm not a scholar and certainly not versed in the Holy Bible. I do know though that the apostles, the saints, and all those of a religious life understand that desire is, in part, given by God.

Knowledge is the same.
How could it be any other way?

When we read a book, as is written in the Nature of All Things, or understand something from literature, music, any work of art, or any work of fact, we receive knowledge not from what we read or what we are interpreting in what we read, but from the Lord God.

We read the words and we receive knowledge based on the words we are reading. The words we read induce thoughts in our mind. The knowledge though is a gift imparted by God. Anyone scanning through a book can certainly find that the words seep in, but as thoughts, but there's no knowledge gained from that text.

When one person reads that text, they may receive knowledge of something that's unrelated to that text, a memory or an interesting fact that they reason with and develop understanding in a different way, a different knowledge that cements in their mind.

This is entirely true of any work of God's Creation.

In a way, we are cementing our ideas into print, into music, into passing down from generation to generation, and everyone interprets this in a different way for their time, for their person, for the society they live in.

How then can we know what is true?

If I say God Exists and someone next to you who, who is closer to you says that is false, you won't necessarily believe the person next to you.

You'll believe what God gives you to believe.

Your knowledge is individual to you.
It is to live by.
Your knowledge is to live by for your life.

Your life is on a path which is winding and long and varied. Your path is different to your neighbor's path. Your husband or wife is different to your neighbor's husband or wife. You may be Muslim and your partner may be Christian, whereas your sister's partner may be Muslim. You have different paths in life and God gives you what you need to live in that familial environment.

In that bond between husband and wife, it is that there's far more to life than just a husband and a wife. There are children. There's work, there's hobbies and interests. Friends we we have in our lives.

And our calling in life, our life's work.

All these things contribute to the knowledge God gives us for what we need to live by.

I am one who has received knowledge which is untrue for the present moment. It is not known whether it will be true. What I do know is when we doubt what we hear from God, what we hear from others, we could pray for faith, but who knows if that faith is in Absolute Truth.

And then comes the problem of, 'does Jesus Exist?'

How do we ask Jesus to give us knowledge that He Exists? We may have doubts in the Afterlife, in God, the idea that Jesus is the Son of God, and God Himself.

We pray for Faith, if we have doubts.

'Jesus, please give me Faith in Your Word.'
'Jesus, please give me Faith that You are the Son of God.'
'Jesus are You God?'

When we feel a Holy Presence in our body, when we feel a change in our knowledge, an understanding which we didn't have before (and it is a feeling, that understanding, that belief): we recognise that God has answered our prayer and it is finally here, that we are called to Pray.

Jesus gives us want to pray those prayers for faith, to heal us of our doubt. It's not that we didn't want to pray in the first place, it's that we didn't pray the prayers God gave us to Pray.

When we Pray those Prayers, 'Jesus, please give me Faith.' We know that God has given us that faith and not our neighbor. It's cements our understanding in our reasoning that, this experience, is clearly God and it gives us Proof that He Exists.

Reasoning through science is not Proof. Reasoning through science is a metaphysical model for something else.

Proof lies in your Knowledge.
Proof lies in your Experience.
Proof lies in the Relationship you have with God.

So if you Doubt, pray this prayer.

Think of something you need to know is true, something that the whole world believes is true, something that you need to know is true but can't for some reason pray to Jesus.

'Jesus, please Heal me of my Doubt.'
'Jesus, is this really True?'
'Jesus, please Bring me to You.'

Peace and love from Jesus Christ, be with you all.