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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Nature of Desire

Kensington, UK

I am an Apostle of Jesus Christ, Timothy.

I say words to you, from the Lord God.
Every word I am saying, is what God gives me to say.
No word am I saying, which God does not give me to say.

These are God's Words through me.

What is Desire?
Where does it come from?
Do you know what you Desire?

Do you have desires which are in conflict with each other?
Do you have desires for what is sinful?
Do you have Desires for what God Wants?

Do you Desire what God Wants for you?
And, do you Desire what God Wants for your neighbour?

These things are not fully Understood by anyone on Earth.

Scientists believe Desire is manufactured by Creation,
by a law of nature,
which drives us.

This model is entirely untrue.

Jesus is the King of Our Desires.

Every Desire which you have,
which is Good,
which is evil,
is given to you by the Lord God.

It is Given to you,
to Experience,
to have your desires fulfilled,
in time.

Any desire you have will either be fulfilled,
or the desire will lead you to a new path in life.

Your desire is complex,
your desire confounds common sense.

Your desire is found in your heart.

Your desire is not a chemical reaction.

Desire is given to you, to live by.

If you desire and orange and instead take an apple,
it does not mean your desire was for the apple in the first place,
it means your desire for the orange,
led to an impulse,
also a form of desire,
which changed.

You still wanted the orange,
but you took the apple.

You may have had conflicting desires,
'do I choose the orange or the apple?'

But your desire was ultimately for the apple.

When Eve took that apple,
in the Garden of Eden,
she had the desire to obey sin.

Sinful desire was in her heart.

When the serpent whispered those words to her,
she had desire from herself.

That serpent is her sinful desire,
which conflicted with a Desire which is Good,
to obey the Lord God.

Both of these desires were given by Jesus Christ.

Both those desires were planned from the Beginning.
Both those desires led to where we are today.

Which one do we choose?

Our sinful desire?
Or, Desires which are Good?

If you recognise the Message and Teaching of Wisdom and Love,
you will Understand that Desire is Given to us to Live by.

All People,
have the Desire they have,
from God.

If someone does wrong to you,
and they have desire to do that wrong,
which they have done,
that was given to them to do.

If we have desires on a road to turn left,
and instead of following the route that we planned, we want to turn left instead of right,
because something of interest has appeared to us on the route.

Like for example,
a hospital to deliver a baby;
maybe a service station to collect petrol;
maybe a child on the back seat needed to go to the bathroom.

These desires are complex,
because we interact with each other,
we interact with nature,
and we interact with our journey through life.

They are though all Planned from the Beginning.

How can you say your life is not Planned?

Do you believe in the Crucifixion?
Do you believe the Crucifixion was an act of randomness,
a sabotage from a fallen apostle?

Where do we go to when we need Good Desires?

Good Desire which heals us.
Good Desire which saves us,
from our iniquity,
from our depravity,
from our life that was:

St Thomas More had a prayer,
'Lord, Give me Desires which are Good.' 'Lord, let me Serve Your Will.'

If we want these things,
we have Desire to Pray those prayers.

What do you do, if you have no desire to even Pray?

The problem with the adoption of Wisdom and Love,
the Lord God has set in stone from the Beginning.

Those leaders in the Churches will not pray those prayers,
until they are told to,
by 34 laymen.

And not just laymen,
who call themselves devout.
But humble laymen,
who have nothing,
desire nothing,
and are begging for what they need,
who are Suffering.

Jesus Gives all desires.

Forgive everyone of what they do to you.

This is the Message of His Gospel.

Peace to All People.