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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Nature of All Things

Kensington, UK

I am given this letter to write by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Every word I am writing is what Jesus has given me. No word have I omitted.

Every word is His.

I am given this Revelation, from the Divine.

I am given this Revelation, to teach you, His People, what is needed for the Age to come.

I am told to write what I wrote, and deliver it to you, Your Eminence Cardinal Emeritus Robert Sarah, in order that you understand the work which His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, our dear and late Pope, was understanding.

I am given news by Our Lord that he had given 3 Cardinals, knowledge of receiving a letter titled Call of the Apostle and Nature of Man late May.

It is with deep sadness, and sincere condolences, which I have received news, through the world's media, of Joseph's departure to Heaven.

St Benedict is my friend, and I hear from him.

Peace be with you, my dear Cardinal.

This revelation is the Nature of All Things.

It comes in 24 parts,
all was revealed in the Beginning,
and I have,
like you,
no will of my own.

Our Lord is the King of Our Desire.

My dear Cardinal, please read the Nature of Man once more, and understand the time of St Benedict's death.

Jn 1:34

Peace be with men of good will.
Holy is His Name.

Dear Joseph, my dearly beloved friend, whom I heard from the deceased in August, in my hour of need.

My love for you is unending, the Lord gave you words, to read my confession through Divine Prayer.

And arrogant I am.

and without will of my own.

Dear Lord,
my love for Truth,
is known to you,
let this truth,
last into Eternity:

Wisdom and Love are Truth and Life,
Your Way,
my Lord,
Your Peace,
Your Coming.

You're Here!

My Lord,
grant that Your Spirit descend upon the College.

My Lord,
grant that we Hear,
Your Voice.

My Lord,
grant that we see You in the Clouds.

Dear Cardinal,
my love for you is found in Wisdom,
in the teaching I received on humility,
from Our Lord.

I believe the Church is not aware of it,
however the archives are available.

In it,
I shame the Church,
or rather the Lord does with my hand,
using His Name after careful negotiation with Jesus.

That shame,
is to feel,
for what we have done to Him,
in allowing schism for so many centuries.

Wisdom and Love,
is Jesus Christ.

Wisdom and Love,
is All Things.

Wisdom and Love,
is His Body and Blood,

Wisdom and Love are Life to All People.

Welcome all who are weary,
into the Body of the Church,
Jesus Christ,
Wisdom and Love,
this day.

My Lord and Saviour,
writes these words:

"My People,
hear Me,
see Me."

"Timothy is My Apostle.
Schism is not My Will."

"43 beggars.
34 clergymen.
10 Cardinals.
1 Apostle."

"A quorum of 35 is needed to confirm the Apostle, Timothy."

"My Chosen one."

"My Will is to shame the Church.
Shame you must feel,
to experience My Crucifixion."

Wisdom and Love is Here!

Holy is His Name!
For He sings of Peace across all His Kingdom!
To the ends of the earth, He shatters the hearts which He hardened,
and tramples the winepress,
with blood flowing out,
tasting of Suffering!

My Lord and Saviour is my Love!
My Lord and Saviour is my Heart!
My Lord and Saviour has no one in His Place!

Jesus, Peace and Love are One in Wisdom!
Wisdom is the Fruit of Our Apostolic Office,
Jesus and His Spirit Guided us to His Coming!

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of Hosts!
Heaven and Earth are Full of His Glory!
Hosanna in the Highest!
Peace to men of Good Will!
Hosanna in the Highest!

Alleluia! Alleluia! Glory to God the Most High who in Jesus Christ, Himself, All Things, has saved the world! Alleluia!

Peace be with you, my friends, in Islam.
Peace be with you, my friends, waiting in israel.
Peace be with you, my fathers, of His Holy Roman Catholic Church, the Church of Wisdom and Love.
Peace be with All People.