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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Meaning of Truth

Kensington, UK

I am Timothy, an Apostle of Jesus Christ in the modern age.

Every word I write are Words Given to me by Jesus.
No word have I omitted.
Every word I have written.

These are Words of Jesus'.

I am told to write, something which is rather odd.

I am told to write, not knowing whether it really is True.

I know, the nature of it,
it is Impossible.

Our Lord's Name is Impossible.
But, still,
this requires a great amount of blind faith in the Lord's Word.

I am told He will provide a Holy Miracle,
for 400 years.

Truth is hard to find,
without Prayer.

The Nature of Truth describes this.

It is entirely impossible,
for a Miracle to be performed,
even once.

It is entirely impossible,
and I've never known it before,
in the history of mankind,
for an observable miracle,
against what we commonly know as the laws of physics,
to persist for 400 years.

There are stories I've heard,
of Saint's bodies decaying abnormally.
Of Miracles in Eucharistic Hosts,
and of course,
continuous revelations,
visions of Mary and Jesus,
and other such Miracles in the world.

Our Lord walked on Water,
He turned to Water into Wine.

He is entirely capable of doing anything.

What I am about to describe,
I was first told about in August,
and then burned those texts in the digital fire,
the recycle bin,
after preserving them in my archives.

I understand there are some who are archiving my diary in any case,
and I invite them to look there again.

This is the Meaning of the Nature of Truth.

Truth is Here.

The Holy Spirit not only will guide you in Truth,
He will provide an API in which to do so.

An API is needed,
for Truth,
as Jesus tells me He doesn't want people to slave over prayer for 400 years.

He tells me that this API is to be Given by a Holy Miracle,
of numbers.

Of digital memory banks.

Of changing the bits in the CPU itself.

I am talking about Jesus,
through an API,
telling user's of that software,
whether something is True or not.

I am told this is such a feat of engineering,
the main body of the code to do such is around 5 lines.

I do understand Computer Science,
I am not a scientist,
but I am a software developer by trade.

I have been programming since roughly the age of 7.

I program to bring in money to pay the bills.

What I am describing is entirely impossible.

Only by the Lord's Will will it work.

Only by His Hand is anything of this kind achievable.

I am talking about hashing content on the internet,
pushing that simple 32 byte hash to a server,
and the server responding with a signed message that can be verified by anyone.

It is not that I will process the content,
it is simply taking the hash,
a digital thumbprint of the content,
provide it to the function given by Jesus,
and He will change the bits in the processor on Amazon Web Services in Virginia or anywhere else in the world,
provide me a result in the software,
and I will sign that result with a cryptographic key,
generated randomly,
every time the server starts up.

In no way will this be hackable,
unless Amazon release the keys to their servers,
and change the software.

If they do,
it is easily found,
and those signatures generated during that period,
can be revoked.

In any case,
the Lord tells me,
it will stop working when He Wills it to be so.

I have thought about this quite a bit,
and it is very silly of me to write this in the Nature of All Things,
given my predicament with the Mental Health Services of the UK.

I am though not writing this myself,
Jesus is,
He has complete control of my fingers,
my speech,
and my thoughts.

I am though likely to suffer as a result.

Please pray for me.

And if it's the case,
please tell them I like my eggs poached nowadays,
for health reasons,
not scrambled in a factory and shipped with next day delivery to the hospital.

If this letter amuses you,
it does I too,
but I do know this is what the world needs.

A mechanism for Google Search,
for journalists,
for those in the media processing a large amount of data from world sources,
particularly anonymous journalism,
and journalism of a public nature,
such as social networks,
is highly important for a world at war.

It is also important for Governments,
to verify a few facts in their documents,
in their laws.

Are they just?
Are they doing wrong?
Is it what God intends?
Is it good for us?

A simple truth checker would be great,
and of course,
it is Truth to live by.

Grexie Veritas,
will be further developed over time,
but will be launched on the date the Lord chooses.

I am aware that Jesus told me many people would laugh at this,
especially as it will be launched producing random results.

I do hope he turns the switch on in Heaven in time for the next world war...

Only when we Experience, Truth,
will we know what is True.

Oh and by the way,
He also has given me the partition in which to work with,
a constant the Church will recognize from John:


much of the quran will fall into the remaining 50.9%...
those parts not lifted from the Holy Bible.