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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Meaning of Suffering

Kensington, UK

I write with Our Lord's Spirit, Jesus Christ, the Most High, speaking Words for me to write.

Everything I am writing is Given to me by God to write.

Nothing am I writing which is not Given by God.
Everything I am Given by God is here written.

I am with the Most High.
I am with Jesus Christ.
I am with the Holy Spirit, guiding me in Truth.

I have though, suffered, untruths.
Untruths from God.
Untruths about what was real.

Will it ever be real, what was written?
Does it have Meaning?
Does it bear Truth?

One of those things is going to be seen as sinful, by those who read it. That I am to change the world, update the liturgy of the Church, and indeed to usurp our dear Pope Francis.

It is though already written, on the 1st May.

'The Apostle is Taught,
in a Way which is no longer to throw in the fire.'

She is Taught,
to hear Truth,
hear Meaning.

And indeed to endure Suffering on account of Truth.

What is Truth?
Words my dear Parish Priest in Kensington spoke to me,
in Truth,
he was asking me to see what was real.

To have account of my actions.

I am responsible for all my actions.
They are though, not actions I have taken freely,
but actions Given to me by the Lord Jesus Christ to take.

I am the one who is bound in reality,
to Experience,
any Suffering which ensues from the actions Given to me.

the Great Blasphemer,
who indeed changed the Liturgy,
Suffered the Experience,
of the Crucifixion.

And indeed for Eternity He endures His Crucifixion.

What then for St. Stephen?
What Truth did he endure?
And then later his murderer St. Paul.

Truth is Suffering.
Truth bears Suffering.
And Suffering has Meaning found,
when searching for Truth.

Himself Jesus Christ,
Our Lord and God,
is Suffering.

Suffering the sins we have done,
to each other,
to Him.

Suffering the pain felt,
by those searching for Truth,
for Him.

'Where is Truth?'
is a much more poignant question to those who are destined to find Him.

Where can we find Truth?
When we sin?
Or when we are healed of our sins,
the guilt we have in recognising those sins,
and the Suffering caused to others.

Truth is found,
in taking the sins of others,
on ourselves.

To experience,
the Suffering of His Crucifixion,

Every word I write, is Given to me by Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Every word I have written, I have Written.

Peace to men of Good Will.