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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On the Meaning of Freedom

Kensington, UK

I am Timothy, an Apostle of Jesus Christ.

I write words from Jesus Christ. All words He has given me are written.
No word He has given me, have I not written.

This is His Word.

I am one who is free.
I am though, not Free.

Jesus Created All Things,
in service to Him.

Jesus Created All People,
in freedom.

Jesus is Free.

We are not Free.
We serve His Will.

We have no freedom ourselves.
We have no freedom at all.

Our desires, our actions, are all controlled, by Him.

We have no freedom, in any way.

We are though free.

We received gifts to give us a sensation of free will.
People of the world,
we are not free.

Forgive those around you,
they are not free.

I give my own life,
to the Lord God.

I give it without freedom.
I have no free will.
Nor do you.

if you can,
the Will of God,
the Will of Our Creator,
the Purpose of All Things.

When do we feel a lack of freedom?
We feel like we aren't free,
when we slave,
for what we need,
and it is not given,
by Jesus.

We slave,
in Suffering,
and never received,
what we need.

We need the Lord God.
When we set our sights on Him,
and only Him,
we received Everything.

When we have,
all we search for,
we feel free.

When we have,
we feel trapped.

This though is a very human meaning to the Revelation on the Nature of Freedom.

Why do we see this human meaning?

Well, it is wrapped up in the illusion God has created, one of the most beautiful Gifts God gives us.

A deception so elusive, so generous, and so kind, to make us feel like we are in control of our own destinies.

It does not work, in that way.

If we were in control, we would alter God's Holy and Divine Plan.

It is impossible, both logically, in human terms, and through Revelation and Prayer with God Himself, to allow man, or indeed any thing, to have freedom of their will, while at the same time having a Plan for All Eternity.

It is impossible, and it is clearly impossible.

Those I ask this question to, come back with a cyclic argument, an axiom, surrounding the free will of Mary.

If Mary had free will, why did she say 'yes' to her Son's Crucifixion?

Why did she says 'yes' to the Lord Himself,
giving birth to her,
and her to Him.

This is a Paradox.

Was she deceived, in some small lack of Truth from Our Lord?

Was it that she understood he would be the Valiant King riding into Jerusalem,
and bearing Him in a Stable.

This is not a Paradox Mary was not aware of.

It is clear, she knew her Child.

Loyalty is a gift God Gives in a man and his spouse.

Loyalty is Given by the Lord God,
to all mankind.

We are not loyal to our God.
We Crucified Him,
we Slaughtered Him,
and we continue doing so.

Do we do this?

Is it right to blame mohammad for the deception Jesus created in this man?
Is it right to blame Judas for the sinful desire Jesus created in this man?
Is it right to blame Adolf Hitler, for the sheer evil Jesus created in this man and his empire?

It is in fact, wholly right, to blame those people for what they did.
It is though, to forgive.

Blame is not about aportioning damnation on people.
Blame is about justice, and ensuring acts carried out, are taught to all people, and learned from.

If I were to sin,
I hope my sin would be corrected.

If I were to kill,
I hope my murder would be avenged,
with Justice.


Everything we have done to each other, is not Just.

Only God is Just.
Only He can know, and does know, what He created in each of our hearts.

It is not about the final hour,
and regret,
and remorse.

It is about our Eternal Journey to the End.

We are being Taught in these times,
these times are Eternal.

If we judge another,
kill them for their murder,
lock them up without hope of reconciliation,
without hope of showing remorse and being corrected,
are we Just?

God does not do this.

God shows Mercy.

God is Our Merciful Father.

Is it right that we share Paradise with those who have destroyed the world, willingly?

Is it right to understand they had free will, in dealing with the abuse and teaching they received as innocent children?

For those who are child murderers, what torment have they suffered in their lives following?

Really know I have witnessed abuse in those I have been sheltering.
I have seen through their words,
through their tears,
through their torment,
what it is that abuse does.

Abuse is not what normal men and women go through.
Abuse is what these people are tormented by in their thoughts,
from Jesus.

Torment is to be dealt with with prayer.
With dealing with those thoughts,
owning up to them,
acknowledging them,
and realising the ambition to free themselves of suffering.

Torment is to be dealt with,
in a secular way certainly,
with Love.

Torment is always a Demon.

Those who Suffer Torment,
how is God Just?

it is not that God wants you to be tormented forever.

You have experienced,
you must deal with the teaching you were Chosen to.

Share your thoughts with the world.
Teach the world,
what not to do,
ever again.

And those who listen,
in the pews of government buildings,
to millions of crys around their countries,
sheltered in their offices,
with 30 minute appointments,
with select few who can find you.



But God is listening.

God has a way forward for you.

God has a solution,
and that is Mercy.

In Divine Mercy we have received a beautiful and powerful Gift which allows us to pray simple prayers,
to adore the image of Christ's Blood and Water,
and receive Help.

I am devoted to Divine Mercy.
I am devoted to His Sacred Heart.
I am devoted to His Sweet Heart.
I am devoted to Jesus.

is to be found,
in the Suffering sinners,
and Suffering innocents,
of this world.

Suffer not anymore,
and practice Divine Mercy Prayer,
every year.

Every port,
is a gate to Divine Mercy.

Every Church,
has a pew,
for Divine Mercy.

Every town,
has a Shrine,
to be built indeed,
to Divine Mercy.

1150 I will always be with you