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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On Palaces and Walls

Kensington, UK

I think we need to understand as I prepare this morning a letter to His Eminence Cardinal Emeritus Robert Sarah.

Isaiah not only received prophecies of things in those days, but Jesus Christ and His Crucifixion and, the end times.

Isaiah was a very important prophet. I'm sure you are aware that he prophesied the end times as well.

One of those I've highlighted to the Church is Isaiah 5 and particularly Isaiah 5:20.


Isaiah 25, for example,

'God will bring down their pride despite the cleverness of their hands.'

Because we all read the Bible and fall back to Reformational teaching: when we need to deny the Holy Spirit is with us.

The Holy Spirit is God.
The Father.

If we deny He speaks to us, we are denying His Ascension into Heaven.
We are denying the Gospel.
His word.

How long will people deny God and His Power.

I do hope the latest letter to the Church is the final letter to the Church that I need to write before I have peace.

As Simeon said, grant me rest.

But I know there's no rest really for me in my life.

Last night as I was resting, I saw a vision of my sister and one day my wife wearing black and wearing masks over their faces, in a hospital room looking over a bed where I lay.

I hope that isn't true.

I also saw a beautiful vision in the desert, in the wilderness I assume (because who would want to give birth in the front seat of a car in the desert.) But the child was my fifth child, her name was Eloia.

The Lord is saying to me to end this video right here. But the words are coming out of my mouth that are not spoken by Him in my thoughts, but I know are Him. There is meaning to this for the Church.

I speak from God.

My words: are they CCC 67?

Wasn't Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John also CCC 67?

If we speak from God, hear from God, and breathe His Word, that is God speaking in us.

Did the Jews disbelieve Jesus?
Did they say he blasphemed?
Did His own family call him insane?

Did they do the same to Isaiah?

If you misunderstand something that I write, that I say, then it's important to communicate on these things and try to understand what you don't understand.

If you disbelieve that I'm hearing from God because of a diagnosis given by a doctor 10 years ago after 30 minutes evaluation, if you disbelieve because of the number of times I've been detained as a result of hearing from God: that's the life I'm called to, isn't it?

That is the life of the Called, of those who do not reside in palaces with fortified walls.

That He will bring down.
As written in Isaiah.

God bless you, everyone.