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Diary of Wisdom and Love

On Love, Hope and Reconciliation

Kensington, UK

A letter from me to you, my dear friend.

When we forgive, it's important to forgive in truth and not for forgiveness sake, but to forgive because we love.

To forgive because we want to move on and forget.

Forget the transgressions, forget the pain, and that feeling of relief, that it is the end of an era, a saga. Forgiveness is what moves us to love and that love helps us to forgive.

How much nonsense can someone bear?

I'm sorry for what I've done to you.
I'm sorry for praying prayers in front of you on TikTok.
I'm sorry for acting a fool.
I'm sorry for asking you to go in a direction you did not want to go.

As I told you back then, Jesus is the King of Our Desires.

If we are forced to or asked to or insisted upon to move in the direction which we do not desire, we are not ready for, we will never be ready for: that does cause suffering.

What I know of Jesus is that we all have conflicting desires and eventually the the Apostle's mind, develops in time.

What happens when someone does something to you which you do not want?

When someone desires to do something that you have no desire for.

Well there's compromise. It's hard to do because we don't really want to compromise however much we try.

We want to get what we were given desire for and that desire is very strong in many people, particularly the Apostle, the Apostle will want for nothing, always finding what pleases her and having distaste for what displeases Jesus. Nonsense does, displease Jesus.

He loves all people certainly.

But displeasing things to Jesus, are displeasing to you.

Recognise that through your art, your love of nature, your love of people: you are an Apostle, but you're young.

If those visions are to be believed, then you are an Apostle.

Yes, it's my craziness. Again, taking you in directions you do not want to go.

I'm devoted to serving you throughout my life as your friend.

I am devoted to doing that.

Whatever you want in any way at any point: stab knives in my chest and leave my cat without food and I'll go to prison for you.

And the meaning is this.

Yes, I know you know my thoughts.

How is it we are, so similar, but so different in desire, in age, in position in life.

Jesus has done this.

Do you think about that?

It's not, not to think about these things.

I don't know the answer, but I do know you might, my dear friend.

And I'll serve you all of my life.

You are my dearest friend.

In all honesty, I've never known a single person in my life to touch my heart in the way you have, not a single person.

What Jesus has shown me of you is the most beautiful woman ever to be created.

And I always meant you, the woman.

You are my dearest friend. And if I call you little bee it is just a term of the endearment I have for you, but I do know you find it cute.

Forgiveness is for you to give.
When you're ready.

Peace be with you.