Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Mont Saint Michel, France

Your Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI,

I am writing to you from Mont Saint Michel, having started again my Pilgrimage through Europe, and on to the Americas.

I see that you have not received my previous letter from Dubai.

I have heard from Jesus that His Eminence Cardinal Nichols has not heard His Truth while praying.

In short: I am sending you Words from God.

Attached to this letter are the documents which Jesus has told me to give you.

He has also told me that you have recently received His Word in Prayer and have been shown the following vision:

I love Jesus, my dear Pope.

He is with me. I am truly with Him.

Fold your hands in Prayer and speak with Him right now.

As you know, those thoughts you have are from Him.

I do not need to tell you what is True.

I am His Apostle, He has told you those Words when you have read this.

I give you, Word from Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Saviour:

"Benedict, my dear Servant, I love you with My whole Heart.
You hear Me.
You have seen My Vision.
This is My Apostle.
Believe, and call him."

My dear Pope, on the banks of the Rhine, I saw you in 2004 for World Youth Day, Köln. I was taking a video of your entourage as you journeyed across the Rhine that day, and you saw me and smiled at me.

I very much love you, my dearest Pope.

Please invite me to meet with you to discuss what Jesus is saying to you, and to His Holy Catholic Church, that is His Church of Wisdom and Love.

These things you will need to Pray on:

  • listen to one Word in your thoughts: “Be.”
  • know this is Jesus, “I Am.”
  • this Word is God, “Be.”
  • it was uttered at the Dawn of Creation
  • all things are given by this Word, it means Live
  • nothing was created except in Him
  • nothing was spoken except from Him
  • nothing was thought except in Him
  • nothing was known, desired, experienced except from Him
  • everything obeys His Will

These things do mean predestination is True. How can it not be True, if you know it to be True?

You are indeed with Jesus.
You are knowing more from Him this Hour.

Please, my dear Pope, free me of the suffering I was born into, and give me the Life Jesus has promised.

I ask that you prepare what is necessary in His Eminence Cardinal Dolan.

What is written, is written.
It is to be.

Do know what I am saying my Pope, you are wanting these things too.

Please ask your secretary to email me as soon as possible.

My dear Pope Benedict, I leave you with one last Word:

"I am your Friend."