Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Father Stephen of Shrewsbury

Dubai, UAE

My dear Parish Priest,
Father Woolley,

I am writing to you from Dubai, a safe haven compared to the United Kingdom.

For some of the things I’ve said and done here, I could be in trouble. But indeed, Jesus has shown me the end to my suffering in the torment of the Mental Health System.

He has shown me New Life in Him.

I am travelling back to Manchester today for a brief while, and then making my way by train to the Archdiocese.

I envisage you have some confusion as to why I have not stopped speaking in these terms to you, and yet I have not been hospitalised since June 2019.

It is indeed the desires of those who incarcerated me have been changed by Our Lord God.

There is more to read on the changing of people’s hearts here in the Nature of Man, a Revelation given to me by Jesus in the last few weeks.

It is built on several years of Teaching from the Lord God, and there are echoes of previous work in this writing.


As you can see the Revelation was video recorded over a 36 hour period. Please skip to Part 14, the actual proof of Divine Revelation. It is indeed impossible for any man to write in this way, let alone without any reference material as can be shown in the other videos and being with just a phone.

There was more Teaching our Lord Jesus Christ gave me. He showed me how to travel vast distances with no knowledge of the road layouts, basically knowing when to turn at junctions, lanes and pick the best routes to travel on for the Way He gave me. This was done without any navigation system. It is in fact proven in videos yet to be uploaded to Dropbox.

You can find more proofs and articles of faith in the Proof of Apostolic Office link on:


There is a reason I write to you right now.

These things will be verified by the Clergy in a short while, leading to the beginning of my Mission given by Jesus in New York and the wider Americas.

Peace be with you, my beloved Parish Priest.

Please keep in contact and offer me prayers daily for my well being and safety from the danger I am placed in.

Yours in the Love of Jesus Christ,

Timothy ✝

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