Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Father Stephen of Shrewsbury

Dubai, UAE

Dear Father Woolley,

I am writing again to you hours before departing from Dubai back to Manchester. I will be packing lightly, as He has instructed me, to depart to London to continue His Pilgrimage of Truth and Life which I began back in February 2019.

This is indeed to be.

The words you have in the copy of the diary you received in 2019, are indeed to be.

That is, His Cup of Eternal Salvation is to be deposited alongside His Shroud in the Cathedral in Turin.

These things were to be.
They are to be.
They will be.

Think right now in your heart, and remember the time you heard God before you were Called to the Priesthood.

That message you received: ‘It is not time.’

It is about to be revealed to you what your Mission in this story He created is.

Listen to one thing in your thoughts. Ask Him one question in your thoughts: ‘Jesus, who am I.’ That is, who are you, Father Stephen.

The answer will be on your lips, moments after asking this question.

The answer you will Know clearly. It is indeed that you will hear Jesus in your soul. This is not man creating this Knowledge, and you will Know it.

There is a meaning to speaking to your thoughts, it is indeed the reason for our minds.

It is where God speaks to His People. It is not our ears, it is the minds He has created.

It is the case that God could speak to us auditarily, however why would He when He created thought?

It is for mankind to listen to His Creation, to interact with each other, that we have ears.

It is for us to listen to the Divine, for which we have our thoughts.

These are words from Jesus for you right now:

“I am your friend.
I am your brother.
I am your teacher, your father, your God.”

Listen to the thoughts you have when reading His Word right now. I invite you to read Isaiah 5, Ezekiel 7 and Revelations 1-13 and recognise the age we now live in.

This is to be.
The Age of Peace is coming.
The age of suffering is now.

Peace to all mankind.
Peace to Men of Goodwill.
Alleluia! Alleluia! All glory to the God of Israel for freeing us from the slavery of birth! Alleluia!

These things are to come to you very soon, have no more Wisdom except what it is He gives you.

1 five two
3 eight nine ten eight
6 three nine ten

There is a code for you to understand. You know only that it is indecipherable, and without meaning. Find Truth in Prayer, and reveal to Bishop Mark what it is you hear in your thoughts. This is Wisdom here in this code, but you cannot Understand without the ears to hear.

Peace to you, my dear Father.

Timothy ✝

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