Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Father David Peters of Shrewsbury

Torrita Tiberina, Italy

Dear Father Peters,

I am writing to you right now to give to you some of His Word.

He has been with me for my whole life, sheltering me, feeding me, speaking His Truth in times when I have needed Him.

In the last 2 years He has been with me. Speaking His Word to me. He has taken me through trial and tribulation, sheltering me from the storm that is my false detainment by the NHS in the United Kingdom. He has fled me to Rome, to be in this safe place of His Roman Catholic People. Here I was detained too as the British Embassy tried to extradite me. His Providence shined through and His holy People of Rome released me, free to travel this land of His Holy Catholic People.

They love Him.
They trust in Him.
They are for Him, of Him, with Him.

I have been given the gifts of His Spirit.
He has spoken His Word to me, He has given me words to write from Him.
He has asked me to be His apostle.

I have been called by Our Lord Jesus Christ to serve Him and be His disciple.

These writings are all His Word.

You know of what happened in the summer of 2017. He was teaching me.

I asked you to bless me. He told me to say what I said to you. He asked me to kneel before Him. I knelt before you. He asked me to ask Him to bless me. I asked for Him to bless me through you, His faithful Priest.

I adore Him. I have been with Him. He has taught me when I have had no other teacher.

I am His.

Please, I ask you, read His Word which I have written. Speak to Him and ask Him to tell you this is true.

There is something only you and I know. There was a Mass in the summer of 2018 in which I received His Body and Blood from your hands. He spoke to you. No one knows this but you. I know this because He was with me as I proceeded to the Altar. He spoke His Word to me in prayer after Communion.

Before Communion this day, I received from Him a vision of His Blood in the Chalice you were praying over. Please see this in what is written in my diary which He has asked me to print in a book and send to you the first edition.

You are blessed.

This is what He has told me to say to you, they are His words:

"This is Me speaking My Word.
This is Me telling you, My humble servant David.
I am with you.
I am taking you to Me one day."

These are words He has spoken to you previously when I wrote His Word to the Parish email address. It has not gone to you. They are His words. You need to be reading this today.

His People of Shrewsbury need Him.
His People of Sale Moor need Him.
Breathe His Word in your sermon.

"My Will be done."

I love you, Father David. I hope you wish me well on the Pilgrimage He has given me to carry the real Body and Blood of Jesus Christ to Turin to witness His Miracle before many.

These are gifts I have been given to give to you, my dear Priest of my childhood.

I love Jesus.
I love Him.
I adore Him.
I worship Him.
My life is for Him.

He is Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

"I am He who will breathe My Word on those I will.
I am The Holy Ghost, the Giver of Truth and Life.
This child of mine prayed for My Wisdom,
I gave him My Truth."

Please be with me in the weeks and months ahead, Father Peters.

Please pray for me to Our Mother, Mary, to all His Saints, and to the Lord Our God, for His Truth and Life to be with all those He Wills.

Let His Holy Will be done.

May the Peace of Jesus Christ be with you now and forever.

Yours in Christ,

In exile in Italy