Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Father Pat of Shrewsbury

Greenwich, UK

My dear friend, Father Pat,

I am journeying through Europe tomorrow, continuing the Pilgrimage you have read about in my printed diary you have read. As you know it began in February 2019 when I fled the Mental Health System in the UK.

I am now completely free.

I am travelling without fear of detention, having been granted freedom by your Brother Jesus.

Please have Father Tomasz print the letters I have been asked to write, especially those to our Archbishop. He can find them under letters here:


If you don’t mind, I am looking for contact details, an email address of His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, as I have been asked to write to him, and time is of the essence… Jesus has shown me mail to him is being held up in Italian Customs.

There are a few things you do need to read.

Please ask Father Tomasz to print out the following for you:


Both are very interesting writings Jesus has given to me.

He has told me that you will know what is written as you read it, something others in the Church right now will struggle with. Please speak about Call of the Apostle with Father Tomasz, Jesus tells me he will enjoy reading it.

This is the meaning of writing to Pope Benedict instead of Pope Francis: it is that some of the Church will not understand until Jesus Wills it to be so. The hour is not now for this to be revealed to His People, but that hour is approaching.

I am set to travel to New York to begin my mission in America.

I love you, and what you have given me dear brother, and I wish you good health.

You remain in my prayers.