Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Nichols

Sale Moor, UK

Jesus, Your Lord, writes to you, His Church.

Your Eminence Cardinal Nichols,

I write to you with the Joy Jesus gives me in receiving news from you of the answering of my 5 year prayer to Our Saviour.
Jesus sends all His Love.
I send all my love.
Thank you, Your Eminence.

These things are written.
These things are happening.
You see them.
You have confirmed them.

It is done.

Everything you see in this diary, is True.
It is the Word of Jesus Christ.

I am indeed not Him,
but He is in me,
I am though not anyone, but no one.

Everything comes from Christ.
Nothing is done by man.
In any way,
at any time.

I am His Apostle.
Listen to His Word in your heart.
Only you, can know, if you Pray.

Pray these things, dear Cardinal:

  • pray for Truth in the Church;
  • pray for Healing for all People;
  • pray for Truth in the Church;
  • listen to all He gives you in His Teaching.

These things are of utmost importance in your Ministry.
See to it, that all People receive gifts from The Church.

The Church is Him.
The Church is, Him.
He is Everything.
We are without anything, without Him.

All People, receive His Body.
All People, receive His Blood.
See to it that all People receive Him.
All People.

Open your doors, everywhere.
Our Churches are Sanctuaries of Wisdom and Love.

These things must be done today.
Take action without delay to open your doors,
at midnight,
at 4am,
at 3am,
at all times night and day.

People are searching.
People need Peace.
Peace can only be found when His Door is truly open to all.
Knock, and there must be a way in.

Listen to His Word.
Pray in the Way He has shown you.
This is to be.

Bring me to You, Lord,
show me Your Way of Truth and Life.
Be near me, Lord,
and never leave my side.
Take me to You, Lord,
take me on the Way to Your Holy Light.

Dear Cardinal, I wish you Peace and Love from Manchester.
Dear the Clergy of His Holy Catholic Church, I thank you for answering His Call.

I am writing in belief of what you have written in my journal.
Look here always for what you need.
These are words you must verify in Prayer.


There is more to come soon.

Yours in Christ,