Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Nichols

Sale Moor, UK

Your Eminence Cardinal Nichols,

I thank you again, for giving me Peace.

I need you to know this needs action now.

These are the words of Jesus Christ, Your God:

"Timothy has been Called to the Apostolate.
He is the one who will bring about My Coming.
He is telling me he cannot do such a thing.
This is clearly the case.
He will though teach you, everything I give to him to teach you.
This is the Way I have chosen."

Dear Cardinal, I am but no one.
I ask you to forgive me for any arrogance you see, in the words I am asked to deliver to you.

These are His Words.
No words that are written in my diary,
have been written with human thought.

Every word that is written,
is True.

Pray for anyone who claims such a thing.
Pray to Jesus, and ask Him to relieve them of their Suffering,
ask Him to change your heart,
and give to you everything you need to help them.

This is the Way I was asked to pray for His People.

You have read the Nature of Man.
This is to be taught in all Seminaries,
to help them understand the World and the Way,
the Nature of God Himself.

God is Life.
God is Everything.
God is Experience,
and indeed your Thought.

Everyone needs Him.
It is indeed, not a single person has Life without Him.
He is Life.
Life is His Body.
Life is the manifestation of His Love.
Life is the Universe and Heaven combined.
Life is all things, created, to be created, and forever in His Realm.

It is the case that I have written to you something which is clearly not in keeping with the Vatican II teaching.

All People are to receive His Body.
Everyone is to be welcomed into the Church.
Everyone, of all faiths, baptised, and with no baptism.
Baptism is His to give.
His Body is Life.
Deny no one Life.

These things are changes you and I are not wholly comfortable with.
We have these teachings all our lives.

I am not fully comfortable with this Teaching either.

But I know Jesus has written it.

He has spoken through my tongue,
He has written through my hands.
He has stopped me, to show me, I have not even control of my hands.

What are we to do, when we have man say such a thing to us?

Do we excommunicate them?
Do we teach them what we know?
Do we correct them?
Do we leave them with a lifetime of unknowing whether they are destined for the name of mohammad, the false prophet.

What is fallibility?

Is the Church infallible?

These things you will receive in time.
Pray to Jesus and verify each and everyone of them.
Then when you hear Him tell you what to do with the new Teaching you receive,
follow His every Word.

Jesus talks to us.
This is forgotten in today's Church.
Jesus talks to us.
He is the Holy Spirit.

It needs no other words than this.

Listen to the Holy Spirit, teach you in Truth.

If you ever need help, come to His Apostles.

The Apostolate has also been grossly misrepresented by certain denominations of our brothers in waiting.
It is not that everyone is an Apostle,
though it is that everyone is called to the Apostolate.

What does this mean?

Ask Jesus. Do you receive Wisdom from Him?

Write it if you do.

If you don't, who are you going to receive the answer from?

Ask Him. Do you now receive Wisdom from Him?

Write it to all people, in every Parish, of every Diocese in this land.

These things are to become True,
when you answer His Call.

I again ask you to forgive all arrogance in what I am writing.
It is not I who speak to you,
but Jesus in I.

Yours in Christ,