Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Nichols

Greenwich, UK

Your Eminence,

I am asked by God to read this to you once more. It is the prayer of the Saints.

This is Contemplative Prayer.

Close your eyes when you are ready and listen to the thoughts you have.

Right now.

The reason I write these words is this is how Jesus will speak to you.

He is in fact already providing all your thoughts. However the Knowledge of Him speaking is not there until it is Known to you who is speaking: your ‘free’ thought, or the Divine.

It is indeed you will have want to ask questions to Jesus. In this manner He will answer those He gives you words to say.

One question you will want to ask is: ‘is that really You, my Lord?’

The answer will be in your thoughts, as though like your ‘free’ thought, but will now have a person Known to you. That is Jesus.

This is the Holy Spirit, Our Father, His Son Jesus Christ.

Speak to your thoughts right now and confirm what I have written to you.

Peace be with you,


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