Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Nichols

Dubai, UAE

Your Eminence Cardinal Nichols,

His Eminence Cardinal Dolan needs to take some actions soon. The attached letter needs to be sent to him through the channels you have available to you. Please also forward a copy of everything I have sent you already. It is also available in its entirety at the various links here, if your administrators would prefer to send a pristine copy:


The letters I have sent you, except the one dated 17th May for privacy reasons, are included there under ‘Letters 2022.’

I am seeing no more than what Our Lord is giving me to say to you. Please send me some words soon to confirm the Knowledge He gives me, and allow me to Experience what is in your thoughts.


Your Eminence Cardinal Dolan,

I apologise in advance for some of the words Jesus has given me to write, however as you can imagine, I have no choice but to send what Our Lord gives me to write.

I have attempted to write to you at your office, however your administrator seems to be throwing away what I have sent you: important words from Jesus for you to read.

His Eminence Cardinal Nichols has heard words from Jesus in prayer regarding the Knowledge he has received from Him, in the words I sent also to you.

The text Cardinal Nichols will send to you will be found in both Call of the Apostle, which you will not receive much Knowledge from, and the Nature of Man.

I ask that you disseminate these through your Clergy and invite them to pray for The Holy Spirit to come upon them in their Understanding of what is written. Those who have want to speak with me may contact me by email.

There are words that you must read, words from Jesus for you:

"My dear son, Timothy.
Meet My Apostle in the place he will be serving you with My Teaching."

"He is to begin a new family of laymen,
devoted to Me in every Way.
There is more to find soon,
in the Truth I have given him."

I ask you, please, to read what is sent to you by His Eminence Cardinal Nichols and see that there is more to do than simply trash Sacred Words.

I ask you, also, to pray for His Holy Spirit to Breathe Wisdom into your soul, as you read what is written both in the Revelations I have received from Him, and indeed were written by Him with my hands, as well as the words He gave me to write to Cardinal Nichols. There are proofs of His Divine Instruction found in the links I have sent you on Instagram. Please go there and acknowledge what your people are writing to you.

Please do this urgently, as you are running out of time to take action before I need to have your help. This is indeed the help Jesus is asking you to give, and you will Know this in prayer, as He speaks with you on these things.

Words from God are spoken to us in our hearts. They appear to us as thoughts. When we are with Him we have Knowledge of the thoughts He gives us to attribute to God, and indeed knowledge of those thoughts He gives us which we attribute to our ‘free will’. It is the case that you are hearing from Him already, but you do not attribute those words to Jesus, in the same way that you do not hear Him in prayer. This is about to change.

It is however for you to pray for this, if you want it. What He gives one to desire is to be fulfilled one day. Have Faith, and indeed Hope.

There are two condos in Manhattan that He is asking you to reserve for my Ministry in New York City, they are on E 34th St, near the Cathedral.

I will need to have access to transportation while I am in New York and request that you provide the Charity with a car and a driver.

Given the nationalities of the immigrants who are being asked to serve the American People, we will also need religious visas arranged, in order to witness Our Lord and His Message He is giving, for the age to come. These will need to be arranged before entry to the USA on the 23rd August, and I understand that consulate interviews will need to be arranged at the port of entry. I request your full support in arranging this, and for an attorney to prepare all legal matters for a smooth migration to the USA.

There is a route that will be taken through the USA starting on the west coast, and we will need to enter in San Diego. The journey will take us through the heartlands of America, culminating in Service to the American population in NYC.

There will be travel needed across the USA in the early years, and I ask that the driver you provide be willing to follow Divine Instruction through the words we give him. Indeed, flights will also need to be arranged, and we will need to be provided for within the Archdiocese’s budget.

There was a route out of the desert He showed me filled with Life. This desert is indeed the West. It is parched, dry and arid. It is deeply in need of Spiritual Union with Our Lord, and indeed Union in itself, all of society, with many ways of life forming the Universal Communion of Wisdom and Love, the Holy Catholic Church.

The Teachings you will find in my work, given to me by God, fulfill many prophecies in the Old and New Testaments. This is to come:

24 people will succeed the American President
14 nations in the continent of the Americas will cease to be safe
1 person will deliver the American population from harms way, at the dawn of war in the east

This person is not Jesus Himself, but I. That is, I am no more, but indeed it is, Jesus in I.

This will be done not through violence or genocide, but instead by welcoming people of all walks of life into His Holy Roman Catholic and Truly Apostolic Church.

It is indeed, as the Cardinal who invites you to read this will say to you, that I am His Apostle. Indeed, I am an Apostle of this age, a layman turned clergyman, without vestments or rites.

Isaiah 5:7, 5:15, 5:18-19, 5:20
Ezekiel 7
Revelation 1:7, 13, 6:9-11

Indeed He sounded the Trumpet of the Fifth Seal that cold winter day in Manchester, at the writing of ‘On the People of His Kingdom.’ Read it and Know what it says. Correlate it with the words in the Holy Bible.

Isaiah 5:26-30

A banner for all nations is indeed the Charity He has given my family to preside over. This Charity will serve people of all faiths, all creeds, all nations, with a lasting Union with Jesus.

The one who is Prophesied in these verses of Isaiah, is Jesus in I.

Hebrews 7:26-28

Read and Know what is asked of today’s Church.

CCC 66

The Christian economy, therefore, since it is the new and definitive Covenant, will never pass away; and no new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ.’ Yet even if Revelation is already complete, it has not been made completely explicit; it remains for Christian faith gradually to grasp its full significance over the course of the centuries.

This is indeed the end times that were Prophesied by Him through His Servant John the Apostle.

Today is the age of abject suffering.

The Age of Peace is to be found over the next century. The end times are indeed not the end, but the passing of one Age to the Next.

Please pray on all these words.

I ask that your administrators are informed to look out for further mail from me and the Charity, and indeed not to sign it A An.

Please write to me at my email address at the earliest opportunity.

God bless the American people!
Peace to all people, of every nation in His World.

There is more for you to see very soon, and I invite you to read what is written on Instagram on your Diocesan account. Please follow my journey to the USA from the Middle East through Europe.

Yours in Christ,