Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Nichols

Dubai, UAE

Your Eminence Cardinal Nichols,

As you have found there is work to be done.

His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict, is writing to you tonight.

I will be waiting for you to send me an email through your administrator.

There is much to speak of since I wrote to you in April 2019 those two letters. Indeed I have suffered greatly for the Calling I have been granted by Jesus.

It is time now for His Life, and this is the Way He is taking me. Have Peace and know what happens, cannot be changed. What is in our hearts at any moment in our lives, we have no say in. It is we are all His Servants. We obey His Will.

That Will is for us to learn from, to be with Him in these days until we enter through the Gates of St Peter. Answer His Call and know He is taking you and the Church on a journey through times that will be known as suffering. These days will always receive Peace, and many rewards for the suffering one bears.

Jesus loves all people, every creed, every nation, every way of being.

There is more to say than these words, He has taught me of His Divine Nature. He is the Word, as you know. That Word is Him, It is His Being. The Word was with Him in the Beginning. The Utterance we hear in our hearts is His Word made man. Life is time itself, and this was created so we can experience. Experience is not just Life but the essence of mankind. These are words I have not written, in any way, before. But I have known them to be true. And He has written them for me.

Let’s discuss our poor brothers and sisters of Islam.

That is to say, read Quran 3 and 14. Quran 3 demonstrates the teaching mohammad received from Jesus, and indeed it is important to recognise that the teaching was for people to recognise that he learnt what he was wanting to know. Those words in Quran 3:7 are important to read. It is for those with ears to hear.

He is indeed not a Prophet, but instead the wayward man Church teaching has known. He was though receiving Divine Teaching, however he was taught what is not quite true. When reading his words one must recognise what is written in the Voice of Jesus and what is written as the narrator. Quotes have been inserted in this work in modern interpretations, which will help guide you.

It is the case that the disbeliever of His Gospel is mohammad himself.

There is more I have known about this man, he is in Heaven, very much at the seat he was to be given. That is not to be interpreted that he is a man of God.

Indeed we all attain Paradise in due course, and it is through Jesus’ Teaching even during Eternal Life that people who have suffered false revelations are brought to Him.

Mohammad, Herod, Pilate, Pharoah and even his beloved brother Judas Iscariot have known His Sweet Heart. Their call was to fulfill Prophecy. They were indeed evil, but then so are you and I.

This is not to say that they did what God wanted them to. That is different to who they were. They were not Called to Suffering in the Way the Martyrs are.

These are words for you which you will find in prayer to God:

“Vincent, take My hand.
I will show you the Way.”

Jesus tells me He is speaking to you in prayer. He has told me that what you hear Him say is that I am His servant. Know what He speaks to you is what is written.

I am in London from Sunday until the end of May. I will then depart to Paris.

Please send me an email through your secretary, to arrange a time for me to speak with you.