Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Nichols

Dubai, UAE

Your Eminence Cardinal Nichols,

I hear from Jesus that you are now reading what I have sent to you.

I have been shown more than is written in those writings.

Please give what I have written to you to His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and His Holiness Pope Francis.

It is important to know what you have understood from what is written in the Nature of Man.

There is more to say to you than I can write in a letter.

Please, if it does not inconvenience you, invite me to speak with you as I journey through Westminster in the next few weeks to begin again His Pilgrimage of Truth and Life on the European continent.

Given the nature of what is written in my writings, I know there will be a number of doubts in the minds of those who read. This is for you to know that there are some struggles ahead. These are for Jesus to give us, and you will understand that I have struggled in this way for a number of years. The time is now to open our hearts to His Message of Truth.

I would very much appreciate it if you could send these writings also by email to His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan.

I am given words to write to you from Jesus:

“Vincent, I am with your child Timothy.
Speak with him very soon.”

“I have spoken to you in prayer.
The words I have spoken are with him too.”

Peace and Love from your Lord Jesus.

God bless you,