Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Nichols

Dubai, UAE

Your Eminence Cardinal Nichols,

I am writing again to you from my hotel room in Dubai, and am looking forward to being back with the British People of my homeland a week today.

It is that you signed for the letter I sent you last week. I do believe from Jesus that you have written a reply and sent it. I will not receive it until my return to the USA.

I am very much needing your prayers at this time.

I have a mission to America, and need to receive a religious visa for my journey there.

I am indeed called to the Apostolate, and it will be evidenced in the Knowledge you receive from God through the writings I have given you. This Knowledge is written about in Solomon's Book of Wisdom:


When we read any writing, watch any video, or listen to any music, and indeed in all our Experience, we receive Wisdom from the Almighty. Many people may receive a secular message in our times, one that they live with for their lives.

We know the Church is guided by His Wisdom, and indeed His Love.

There is a time to come when all people will hear Him, when all people will see Him.

This is a new age to come.

This is prophesied throughout the Old and New Testaments, in the Book of Isaiah (Isaiah 5 for example), in Ezekiel 7, and indeed in the Revelation given to John: specifically beginning with Revelation 1:7.

This Revelation given to John in 1:7 is to be on the 2nd May 2118.

It is 100 years from the teaching Jesus gave to me in the following text:


Do understand the meaning of the term '100 years from the teaching', it is not 100 years from the postmark on that letter.

It is also 34 years from the year in which I will die, as prophesied in the following entry given to me, revealing the day of John's Revelation:

This is to come

Jesus, Our Lord and Saviour writes this, through His servant Timothy, a disciple of Our Lord:

"See all you nations what the Lord has given you.
The time is now to find what it is I wrote about one century ago.
All people hear Me.
All people see Me.
Obey the wants I give to you.
I am your King, your Desire.
Be My servants, and bring about My Will.”

The year is 21185234.

The full text of this prophecy can be found on Telegram from this link:


It was given to me on 3rd April 2022.

This prophecy is indeed not the end times, that is to come many years from now, and I know not the day, year or hour of His Coming.

However, this age is spoken about through Revelations, including and up to Revelations 13.

This age is an age of Peace and will begin next century.

This age is to be called The Age of Peace, and will bring about the fall of Islam and the union of His Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church with three other sects: the Protestants, the Jews and Islam. This unification is begun through prayer in our own Church, and teaching given to us, of those secular texts.

There is meaning to be had in me being in the United Arab Emirates right now, and meaning to the recent death of Sheikh Khalifa. Jesus has shown me no more than the Middle East is to suffer a turn away from secularisation towards what can only be known to us as Islamic extremism.

There is no more to know right now than to know that people are being given 'demons' through the work I am doing here. That is to say, when they do not obey Jesus' Desire, they suffer confusion, loss of reasoning and torment in their minds.

These people are being taught to witness Jesus.

'Demons' are not mental illnesses. They are God's teaching for particular people called to that teaching in a particular time and for a particular purpose, known to Him.

Both His Eminence Cardinal Timothy Dolan of the Archdiocese of New York and His Holiness Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI are receiving these writings in addition to yourself, dear Cardinal.

I have written to you what Jesus has told me to write, no word have I omitted and every word He has given to me to write has been written.

May God keep you and your brethren safe.

God bless you,