Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Nichols

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

Our father in faith, His Eminence Cardinal Vincent Nichols,

I am writing to thank you for reading my diary.

Please ask for the Body of Jesus Christ to be witnessed in London to be adored and venerated in Westminster.

His Body is genetically identical to the Body of Christ scientifically tested by Pope Francis when he was Bishop in Argentina.

Please know to test His Body and Blood against those samples using DNA analysis to confirm both Miracles.

It is the DNA of a Virgin Birth by king David's line.

Thank you, Your Emminence, for your prayers in my time of suffering on British soil.

Please know there is a disproportionate count of Roman Catholic baptised in the Mental Health System, all claiming to be being spoken to by Our Lord at various stages in their lives.

The law needs to change.

The Holy Roman Apostolic Church needs to guide the Government through His Servant Jacob Rees-Mogg on matters such as liberty given to us by God.

Please help me, Your Emminence, in changing these cruel laws in this Parliament.

Remember the teaching of Jesus Christ with respect to healing of demon-possessed individuals.

These people are not mentally ill.

They are being taught.

Bring us to You, Lord.
show us Your Way of Truth and Life.
Be near us, Lord,
and never leave our side.
Take us to You Lord,
take us on the Way to Your Light.

May the Joy and Peace of Jesus Christ be with you now and evermore.

God bless you, Your Eminence, and all people of these British Isles.

Yours in Christ,