Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Nichols

Vacone, Italy

To my dear father in Jesus Christ, His Servant, Our Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of England and Wales,

I am writing in His Spirit.

I am given words to write by Our Lord.

You have an email from me in your inbox.

Please read it and take action today.

I need you to do one thing, buy a copy of this diary on Amazon.co.uk:
Timothy's Diary (Volume 1)

There is a message in the online diary for you. Please find it under the heading Divine Revelation of Truth and Life.

I need to speak with you about a problem in our Clergy.

Please reply to the email and give me a private place to contact you. It is important it is kept secret within the Archdiocese.

With all the Blessings of Jesus Christ, He blesses you May the Peace and Joy of Jesus Christ be with you and this country forever.