Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Cardinal Dolan

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Your Eminence,

Greetings from Abu Dhabi!

I have been taken on a Pilgrimage to Abu Dhabi by Our Lord Jesus Christ to discover His Message for the Church. He has shown me many things and is teaching me with Wisdom.

It is that I have messaged you on Instagram on your account. Please read those messages at your earliest convenience.

I will need a religious visa for my travel to New York. Jesus has given me a Mission there for the remainder of my life, and my family to come.

We are to establish a Charity led by Jesus in New York City. It is to gather His Flock.

There is a prophecy revealed in my most recent journal on Telegram showing a time when people of all faiths gather in unity under the Holy Roman Catholic Wisdom and Love. She will guide all people once more in Truth and Life.


She is indeed Christ’s Body, just as all Creation is Christ’s Body too. He has taught me, and shown me through servants of Islam He has shown me to in United Arab Emirates, that there is wisdom in every teaching on Earth.

His day will come, and I have seen the vision they will see, as prophesied in Revelation 1:7.

This is to be.

Please pray to Him as you know how to and ask Him to reveal to you what it is you need to do with this message.

There is Wisdom being revealed to me which will show the Church how an Apostle is taught. It is named the Nature of Man. It is taught to me that this is important teaching for the Church, and our time.

I do not have knowledge except through teaching of what it is I am writing right now. I am told to write the Revelation will be complete in 24 hours from this message. He has shown me to record the writing of this message on my iPhone which He has provided me. The only technology I have on this Pilgrimage. You will find the videos revealed over the next 36 hours while I journey through Abu Dhabi. They are to be found in the link above under Nature of Man.

Peace and love from the Muslim country of Abu Dhabi.

Yours in Christ always,


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