Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Bishop Paul

Dubai, UAE

Dear Bishop Paul,

I have received word from your administrator that you are holding me in your prayers. I thank you for all your thoughts in these days.

Indeed, this Pilgrimage is given to me by Jesus.

There is some more to write to you, and the other two Bishops of the Archdiocese.

Please send me an email directly, so we can discuss what you know of what you read in Call of the Apostle and Nature of Man, words given to me by Jesus and proven in the links I sent.

There is meaning to these words for you: Jesus tells me you have not read what He gave you to read through my previous letter. It is that at the time you had no desire to read what your child, Timothy, was writing.

It is indeed that you are asked to read those words, at your convenience. They are from God, you must follow your desires and seek Him in prayer.

Peace and love from Dubai.

Yours in Christ,


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