Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Bishop Paul

Dubai, UAE

Dear Bishop Paul,

I have been taken to Jesus over the past 10 years in what can only be described as a period of immense suffering in answering His Call.

I have been persecuted in the same way as many Saints would be, for hearing God speak to me.

This was to be.

I accept this suffering, and know I will suffer further while in the UK over the coming months.

I am currently travelling in Abu Dhabi.

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Please read what you feel necessary to confirm what I say is true in my claim that it is that Jesus speaks with me, is guiding me, and has called me to the Apostolate.

You may have doubts, and this is indeed an article of faith.

Your secretary when I spoke with her just now indeed had doubts, and I would like to reassure her that I am genuinely needing your assistance, Bishop Paul.

Please pray for my pilgrimage across the Middle East, Europe culminating in the USA.

God bless.