Diary of Wisdom and Love

Letter to Bishop Mark

Dubai, UAE

Dear Bishop Mark,

I have been granted a new lease of Life by Jesus after much suffering under the Mental Health System of the United Kingdom over the last decade.

I thank you for your prayers during this period. I know from Him of only one thought about me.

You can follow my letters which I sent both to you and others in the Church and government here:


Your lack of response is not to be published, but indeed my letters are. They are all His Word.

I invite you again to pray for His Wisdom, that being His Truth.

What happened to me in those years of forced treatment was wrong, and you did know from Father Woolley what was happening to me. You believed I was mentally ill, and failed to see the Message of Demons in His Gospel.

This is indeed what Jesus taught in those years, that He heals.

Pray next time, instead of safe keeping, for those patients in your Diocese to be healed by Jesus.

These are all words said by Him through His Apostle. That is I, as I explained to you in 2019.

I am indeed your teacher, not the other way around.
That is what is written.
That is what will be.

I invite you to know more soon, from the Archbishop, of what it was you were experiencing in your knowledge, desire and faith.

It was indeed to be, as I told them at the time they were causing gratuitous harm to my well being.

It was I truly suffered in my experience of what I was called to, and you took no action. You offered not even a visit. It is they are suffering now, and you remain with no prayer. It is they continue to suffer, and not a single Roman Catholic Priest is in Ministry in those hospitals.

One more thing, my dear Bishop, I am now no longer in your keep. I am to depart to another land.

These things I spoke of in my diary, have come true.

It is there is much Prophecy in those words, because it was indeed what I was called to: to suffer like any other Prophet, Saint, and yes, an Apostle. The Word of Jesus are those words.

I wish you safe keeping as you walk the narrowing path you are on. He has shown me that in time, the eye of the needle will become much smaller, and the camel much larger.

Demons are from Him, they are not a mental illness.
In fact, Demons are Him, they are Teaching He gives to those who disobey His Message of Truth.

I have witnessed Jesus give demons to a number of individuals in my journey, and indeed I have prayed with those with demons to Our Saviour and they have been healed. This was all to be what God Plans. No one can, no one should want to, change His Perfection.

There is more for you soon when you ignore His Call.


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