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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Wisdom

Kensington, UK

Nature of Wisdom

Nature of Wisdom

Nature of Knowledge

When we think, we receive Knowledge.
Knowledge is distinct from Thought.
When we Reason, we are building our Knowledge.
Reasoning is Thought.
Knowledge is Given by God.

Divine Knowledge is of God.

Thought is not Knowledge,
Knowledge is the Fruit of Thought.

Divine Knowledge is that Knowledge,
which is True,
for the receiver,
and is imparted by God.

All knowledge,
is Given by God.

Divine Knowledge is that which is True.

Nature of Understanding

When we read a newspaper,
or listen to music,
or experience the Beauty of Nature,
we understand what is in our Knowledge.

An Experience of Thought is Given,
to Understand,
what we Know.

Understanding is the evolution of Knowledge.

Knowledge bears fruit,
in giving us understanding,
of the world around us.

Of God's Kingdom.

Our hearts,
receive Understanding,
when we receive Divine Knowledge,
and Discernment is Provided by God.

Knowledge is not Thought.
does not need Thought,
but we Experience Understanding of Knowledge,
in our thoughts.

background thoughts,
and interactions and activity,
all contribute to our understanding.

When we are Gifted with Understanding,
we have Received Gifts of Wisdom from God.

Nature of Truth

Truth is never Known.
Truth is never Known.
Truth is never Known.

When we Understand,
we have an infinitessimal amount of Truth.

Most people will understand,
only what is given to them in their lifetimes.

The Called are Given Gifts to Truly Understand,
God's Message of Truth.

Truth is not about facts,
but instead His Crucifixion.

Nature of the Disciple

St Peter wrote in his second letter,
that we are to follow the path to Him.

We are given gifts,
in increasing measure,
to teach us,
to guide us,
on the righteous path,
to Heaven.

The Disciple is to Experience this Teaching.

Nature of All People

All People are Called to Discipleship.

has many Callings.

One of which is you,
the layman,
the most important Calling of all.

Those who are Called to Serve the Church,
must do so in Service to the layman.

Those who are Humble,
with great humility,
are Called to nothing.

Humility is never found,
in our lives.

Nature of Godliness

Who can speak of God?

I am no one,
and I speak only what I am told to write.

I am not God.
I make no assertion as to these things.

I am a man.
I am no one.

I am though,
an arrogant fool,
for writing words,
from the Most High.

Jesus Gives All People,
what they have.

Godliness is found,
not on Earth,
but in the hearts of those who suffer,
while not receiving anything at all.

Peace be with All People who Suffer.

Nature of Wisdom

Wisdom is imparted by God,
there is nothing other than Wisdom,
found in any heart,
created by God,
for God,
of God,
and going to God.

Wisdom is never found in the boastful,
in the arrogant,
in the cruel,
and in those who take more than was given to them.

I am one who is boastful, arrogant, cruel and a thief.
I hope one day to be Redeemed by Jesus.

Wisdom is Jesus Himself.