Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Will

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of Will

Nature of Will

Nature of Freedom

These things are understood, from the Nature of Man.
What is clear now, is more needs to be Revealed.

Freedom is an Illusion,
as is written.

But what is this Illusion?
It is in the Nature of the Illusion,
that it is you will never know it.

Even I, who Know it,
have never Experienced,
anything but Freedom.

This though is not quite True.
What I have witnessed,
is impossibilities,
that cannot be,
any other way,
than showing a lack of Freedom,
in the events that ensued.

This though is not proof.

How then are we to prove something that is clearly not provable?

Do you believe in God?

How would you prove such a thing?

It is through God, which we believe.
Only in God, can we believe,
if God imparts that Knowledge.

Freedom, is an illusion,
you will not recognise this as True,
unless God imparts that Truth.

is showing you,
those who will Know.

For everyone else,
it is nothing but a philosophical idea,
which clearly could be True,
but how would it ever be known.

You will not even,
Know it is True,
in others around you,
in others who believe it is True,
for them,
and for you.

This is the Nature of Faith.

When we believe what is Unknown.
We are receiving Faith.

Freedom is an illusion.

I could,
if I knew how to,
provide a treatise,
through a logical argument,
that this is True.

I am not Called to prove this,
this way.

What is True,
is Jesus has provided Himself,
for you to pray to,
and ask Him to reveal to you,
what is True.

This is,
far greater,
than any logical argument,
which can never be proven,
in His Realm.

Logic itself,
does not apply,
because even that,
is fallible.

the fundaments of which are logic,
are not real.

This is to Understand.

They indeed,
provide a model,
that enables us,
to build roads,
to live,
to fly to distant lands,
they are though without Meaning,
in Eternity.

Nature of Desire

Desire is also needing now further explanation.

As you will see soon,
the entirety of what you understand breaks down.

This is the Nature of All Things.

Why would anything be True anymore,
from what you have known.

Desire is given by God.
Have Faith in what is written,
in His Gospel.

revealed to All Beings,
what was to be revealed during His Ministry.

The Desire was in the Apostles,
to receive Him once more,
and so He was.

Desire is never to be Known by any man.
What is Desire then, if we do not Experience it?

What is that feeling of longing you have for an apple,
for your wife,
for children in the future,
for death,
and for rest.

That feeling is an Emotion.
It is not Desire.

The Desire is in Him.
The Desire is of Him.
He is Desire.
All Desire.

Where is it He wrote,
that He would not provide sinful desire?

It is Meaning He provides to Life.

Without sin,
where would Suffering be?

Without breaking His Commandments,
where would Forgiveness be?

When He came to Save us,
He knew,
what He Created.

These things are Revealed at this moment in time.

They were not Revealed,
in this Way,
during His Ministry.

It was though,
they were Known to Him,
He is God,
He Created sinful desire.

Your Understanding is I am not with an answer to this question.
The Answer though is Prayer for Truth.

This has Meaning.

How can anyone Know anything,
without Prayer.

Even with Prayer,
God must impart Knowledge,
for you to Know.

Even with Knowledge,
imparted by God,
it can be shown,
that this Knowledge,
is fallible.

It is not that a person's knowledge on a particular topic,
would be untrue,

It is that a person's knowledge,
and indeed collective knowledge,
can never be fully Known as True.

Only God will ever Know what is True.

We though, have Faith,
we have Experience,
and even experience can deceive.

Jesus speaks to you,
when you pray to Him.

This is all we have to live by,
for Eternity.

Hope for Truth.
Hope for Truth that relieves your Suffering.
It will be,
one day.

Jesus speaks these Words.
All Words in this Revelation of All Things,
is Spoken.

Nature of Will

What then is Will?
If we do not have one?

Your will,
is an Illusion.

Your will,
is your impulse,
causing you to take action,
to pray,
to think,
and to be.

Your will,
is not His Will.

Your will,
is contained in His Plan.

His Plan in Eternity, is His Will.

This Message is discomforting.
You choose to read it.
Forget it,
if you want to.

Then Pray for Truth.
And you will know what Jesus gives you Knowledge of,
to live by,
in Peace.

Sinful desire,
is not what He Wants.

His Will is what He Wants.

He doesn't get what He Wants,
for Eternity.

But it is,
All Things,
are what He Desires.

Why then,
do you not believe?

Your Creator,
is showing you,
the Divine Nature.

That is Life.

Life is sometimes seen as cruel.
That is not Life,
that is selfishness,
and short-mindedness.

Jesus Created your life.
Accept that it will be Beautiful,
because you Suffer.

Ask for Suffering to be relieved,
and it is already done.