Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Thought

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of Thought

Nature of Thought

Nature of the Mind

Where do we think?

Our thoughts are given by God.

Every thought we have,
is given to us,
to Experience His Teaching.

Every thought we have is from God.

Everything we Experience in our minds,
is God's Experience for us.

Everyone receives thought,
everyone has different thinking.

When we read something,
like a newspaper or a book,
of any way of life,
of any teaching,
even satanic,
of any meaning of that which the author intended,
we Experience Wisdom in what we see,
in those words we read.

When we watch a movie,
a television show,
when we listen to music,
when we are out in Nature,
we Experience Wisdom in what we find.

Everything we Experience delivers Thought.

That Thought is for us to Experience.

Why do we think?

We think, to Experience our Knowledge.

Thought is an Experience we receive.

It is that Thought is not Emotion.

Emotions are given,
at times when Thought is Experienced in Emotions.

Those Emotions are given to Know what is True.

Thought is not Emotion.

Emotion is a Feeling.
Thought is the Experience of Knowledge.

Thought can be False.
Often thought is False.
But Knowledge is gained by Knowing it is False.

Knowledge can be False.
False Knowledge can be derived from Thoughts which are False, which we believe are true.

This is not a delusion.

The Thoughts are delusional,
the Knowledge is what we receive to live by.

Knowledge is for what we are Called to in our lives.

Our Calling is given to each of us,
and in Union with God.

Everything is given by God.

If you like,
we are empty machines,
by the Most High.

We are Free.

Not a single part of Creation,
anything less,
than Freedom.

Nature of Human Thought

When we talk about delusions,
we are saying someone has Thought which is not in keeping with our own.

When we say someone is delusional,
we are saying they have Thoughts which are not in keeping with common beliefs.

Neither Thoughts nor Knowledge should ever be judged.

Every Human Thought,
is from the Divine.

It is given to them,
they can have no other Thought than what they are given.

If you find a person needs Correction,
be careful,
that you are not giving them Falsehoods.

If you find your beliefs are needing sharing,
be careful,
that you are not Delusional.

in all Time,
has Delusions.

has False Thoughts.

This is the Nature of Human Thought,
it is always Fallible.
It is never True.

No one can claim,
that a person,
is given,
anything else than what God gives them.

God gives All People,
what they have.

Suffering is brought on those people,
when you Judge them.

Look at the Prophets,
and the Suffering they received.

Why was it they were considered mad?

Why was Jesus said to be mad by His own family?

What is madness,
if you do not Know what they are saying.

Nature of Free Thought

With the Illusion of Freedom,
comes the Illusion of Free Thought.

Those who are in Prayer,
hear God,
hear Mary,
hear those in Heaven,
hear those of the Unknown.

They Know at the time they Hear,
that they are not hearing their own thought.

This Knowledge is Divine,
and given to those who are Called.

Free Thought is given to All.

Free Thought is given to the Called.

Doubt is given in All Thought.

The Called will question their Thoughts.

Free Thought is the Nature of Man.
Free Thought is what we Experience.

Freedom is not what we have.
None of our Thoughts are Free.

There are no thoughts you have,
which you can say now,
are from you.

This time is for Peace.
Peace in your soul.

Those who Suffer,
Demonic Delusions,
have Peace,
and Know your Suffering,
is a Calling.

Answer the Call you receive.
Answer Him in Prayer.

These Words are your prayer:

"Ask Me, is that You, Jesus?"

Your response is received, from the Most High.

Just ask Him His Name,
and He'll tell you.

You may not Know,
but that is just the start of your Friendship.

The Lord God is Coming in the Clouds,
and when He does,
all People will Know.

Nature of Anger

When we Think,
we experience Emotion.

Our Emotions,
are driven by Thought.

Our Emotions are not driven,
by those around us.

Our Thoughts are in keeping,
with our Suffering.
Our Thoughts are in keeping,
with our Joy.
Our Thoughts are in keeping,
with Experience.

Thoughts drive Emotions.

Emotions do not drive Thoughts.

When we say, someone is angry.
It is they think,
of angry thoughts,
and express these,
in Interaction,
and Experience the Emotion of Anger.

Jesus was Angry.
He was Angry because He Experienced shame on His Temple.

We are angry.
We are angry when Suffering is given to us.

We are pathologically angry, when Suffering is all we know.
Pathological Suffering you bear on those you imprison.

Angry people,
are not angry for no reason.

They have Experienced Suffering.

Why then is Anger a Sin?

Anger is given to us,
to Serve.

We see anger as something we need to avoid in society.
Indeed we should not express it,
but it is a symptom of a Suffering Soul.

Those who are angry,
are needing help,
and they should be served,
only with Love.

When someone expresses Thoughts of harm towards another,
they are in danger,
because they have those Thoughts.

If they harm another,
it is to be dealt with in Love.

Not everyone who has Thoughts of harm to another,
will ever harm anyone at all.

Judge not,
we were told,
and it is,
not to judge.

What is there for the criminal justice system in this Revelation?

Treat those people,
willing to do harm,
with Love,
and Forgiveness,
in the Way of Jesus Christ.

Those people,
are Suffering.

Their Suffering,
is given to them.

They need help,
to avoid harming others.

Their thoughts,
are derived from Suffering.

Talking therapies,
and counselling,
are wisdom to bring forward in secular society.

is False Teaching.

may be needed,
but not how it is taught by psychiatry.

know not one thing,
of any of this Revelation.

Pray to God,
and you won't.

What does a murderer think?
What does a rapist think?
What does a child molester think?
What does one who causes harm to you or your family think?

These things are needing to be Understood by Everyone.

Harm begets harm.
Suffering begets suffering.

Peace is never found,
until someone is Called,
to give Love.

When we see things like torture, and the death penalty,
we see the harm done to those watching on,
waiting for Peace for their assailants to die.

This Peace they desire in the end of their Suffering, is never found,
by ending one's Life.

End those practices today.

"Those who throw the First Stone,
where is your sin?"

This is a hard Message to bear,
for those suffering,
and pain in their lives,
due to the harmful ways of another.

It is their Calling,
to Love.

This is the Message of His Gospel.

Peace is found in Love.

Peace is never found, in vengeance.

Look to His Crucifixion,
for Help.

Nature of Justice

Why does Jesus cause those who do wrong, to cause harm?

Why would our Loving God,
ever do this to us?

What have we done,
for this to happen to us?
To our children?
To our brothers and sisters?
To our wives and husbands?
To our friends?
To our neighbours?

These things are Known to you now.

God is doing these things.
He has caused you this Suffering.
It is God,
being Loving,
and giving you time to Understand Him.

Jesus did not Want you to Suffer.
Jesus did not Want them to do those things.

This is a very difficult thing to hear.

But this is Life.

It is the Way of Life.

It is Truth,
that Everyone will Suffer for All Eternity.

You need help,
to heal,
from this Suffering.

Help is not found in vengeance.
Help is found in Forgiveness.
Help is found in Jesus Christ.

Redemption is to Forgive those who cause you harm.
Healing of your soul is found in Love.

Why did God create this, this Way?

The answer to this,
cannot be Known,
while you are Suffering.

The answer will be Known,
when you are Redeemed.

Peace is Coming.
Your Suffering is not to last forever.

It is unjust,
to receive Suffering,
from God.

It is Justice,
to be Redeemed,
by God.

"I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
All who come to me,
will have Peace."

This is the Meaning of Justice in Eternity:
God's Suffering is unjust for Eternity.
God gives Justice Always.
Jesus Gives us Suffering for Eternity.
Jesus is Sorrowful in His Crucifixion.

The Garden of Gethsemane,
Jesus Suffered,
the sins of All Things.

Jesus Created His Suffering.

This is how we feel about Him, when we Suffer.
It is God gives us that Thought,
that Emotion,
and He Guides us to Redemption,
to Justice,
to Peace,
and away from the Suffering He has Given.

God is not unjust.
He is Justice.
And you will be Redeemed.

Have Peace,
and Hope,
in Redemption.

This is difficult for even me,
who have Suffered,
to say.

I have anger at those who have caused me harm.
And I know full well,
they were doing what Jesus gave them to do.

It is though,
that those Thoughts I receive,
of Anger,
of Hurt,
and the Emotion,
of tiredness in Thinking about them,
is the start of my redemption.

It is to express your thoughts,
in Peaceful ways.

To live,
each day,
as it comes.

But most of all,
it is to Pray,
and Pray some more,
and then Pray again.

When we Love one another,
we feel Peace.

This is our Nature.
It is the way we work.
Nothing can change that, but God.

I mean that literally.

God made us this way,
we want Peace,
when we are Suffering,
and Peace is found in Charity.

Everything this says,
about the Suffering,
about Eternity,
is Despair.

His Gospel,
is not Despairing.

How can this be True?

What is left for us?
An Eternity of Suffering,
by a God,
which appears not to Love us?

These Words are Written by God.

"I Am.
I Was.
I Will Be Forever."

"You are,
you were,
you will be forever."

"Suffering ends,
every day,
and I am Peace Himself."

Jesus gives us Redemption,
after we have Suffered,
no more than we can bear.

Nature of Teaching

When we Think from God,
we are Taught from God.

Every Thought is given by God.

Thinking from God,
is not thought.

Thinking from God,
is for holiness.

Thinking from God,
is in Prayer.

Friendship is found in the Coming.

Friendship with Jesus Christ.

He gives us Thoughts,
as a Friend.

This Friend is Jesus Christ.

That is Thinking from God.

Jesus shows us what we need to live by,
in all thought.

Jesus shows His Friends,
what they need for His Church.

Wisdom and Love,
is given through the Prophets of His Coming,
His Age of Peace has Prophets to Come.

Divine Teaching,
is given to His Prophets.

Divine Teaching,
is for His Apostles.

When we think,
we have what we want.

and Human Thought,
is Given.

It is though,
the Apostles,
want Divine Thought,
in their hearts.

They Think,
from Jesus,
because they are Called,
to this Way.

Their Desire,
is to have this in their lives.

Jesus fulfills the Desires,
of All People,
one day.

Jesus gives All Desire.

Nature of Holiness

Holiness is found only in Jesus Christ.

No one is Holy,
except Him.

Mary is Holy,
because of Him.

Not anyone else is Holy.

Moses is holy.
Abraham is holy.
Adam and Eve are holy.
Jesus is Holy.

No one is holy,
by themselves.

The false prophet,
is not holy.

Peace is not upon anyone for all Eternity.

When we say things which can never be true,
our lives,
have Meaning still.

We are Loved.

The false prophet,
is Loved.

And nor are we Called to holiness.

Those who believe they can create holiness,
in themselves,
will never have been Called.

Those who believed they were holy,
but never had a Calling,
are unknowing,
of what God has given them.

Jesus Calls All People.

Only a few are Called to holiness.

This is a Message of Despair,
for the holy.

Recognise you are Special,

Everyone is Equal.
No one receives no Calling.

Judas, was not holy.

He was Called to another way.

He was a disciple,
he was Called as His Disciple,
but then He Called him to Evil.

This was his destiny.
He Suffers, Eternity, with God.

His Destiny,
is Suffering.

Our Destiny,
is lower than him.

This is to be Understood by All People.

Woe to you, who judge, and have not been judged.
Woe to you, the sinful, who have not been sinful.
Woe to you, the Prophets, who have not been Called.

Jesus needs you,
His People.

Be His holy People of Israel.

Accept the Suffering of His Crucifixion,
and want it,
desire it,
and need it,
and you are Knowing more.

"Those who have ears, hear Me.
Those who have sight, see."

"Understand, My Message of Truth,
all who hear,
all who see,
and forgive those who don't."

Nature of Suffering

This is the hardest Message of Eternity.

That Suffering is All we Know.

It is though, entirely True.

If we do not accept Suffering,
with Love;
if we do not receive the Calling,
to Love Jesus,
in the Suffering,
of His Crucifixion;
if we do not accept the Sins of All Things,
and the Suffering of His Crucifixion,
for Eternity;
then we always suffer in sin.

Suffering needs to be Joyful.

Suffering must have a Reason.

When we find God,
in those dark moments,
of Despair.

Friendship is found,
in the hardest moments,
of all Life.

Friendship in Jesus Christ we must find.

The Age of Peace,
brings Friendship,
to our souls.

The is the Answer,
to this Paradox.

Only when we have Jesus,
The Holy Spirit,
with us,
in holiness,
and are Called to holiness,
will we find Peace.

Our Calling,
is always holiness.

And it always was, that we are not Called to holiness.

Eternity is Suffered by All.

Our Calling is one day found,
and Friendship is one day given.

Pray to Him to be your Friend.

Nature of Thought

Thought is the fundament of our Experience.

Think thoughts from Jesus Christ.

Jesus gives All People,

Jesus gives you Everything.