Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of the Unseen

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of the Unseen

Nature of the Unseen

Nature of Three Persons

This is the Way Jesus Is.
He is Three Persons,
One God.

In Truth, He gives Himself,
for all people.

This is Truth.

Nature of His Realm

Jesus, begots of one place, His Realm.

We can never see, nor Experience, His Realm.

His Realm contains All Things.

His Realm is Love.

His Realm is Him.

He is Love.
He is in His Realm.
He created His Realm,
and He delivers all from His Realm.

His Realm is Peace,
His Realm is Sanctity,
His Realm is Honesty,
His Realm is Wisdom,
His Realm is His Word.

One day, He will never deliver His Realm to anyone, but Himself.

He is Eternal.

He is God.

Nature of Unknown Presence

Jesus is Unknown to All Things.

Jesus gives Unknowing to All Things.

Jesus hears Knowledge from Himself,
and gives Wisdom to All Things.

Jesus begets All Things.

Everything from Him, is Unknown.
Only one thing do we know, He Is.

His Gospel is infinitessimal,
we will never Know All There Is To Know.

He is Eternal.
He is God.
He is Jesus Christ,
Our Master,
Our King,
Our Creator,
And All Things.

He is All.
Any part of anything is not Him.
He is Every Part of Everything.

Everything was in Him.
Everything is Him.

and Life.

Nature of Mary

She was created without sin.
She was created to create Him.
She was, like all, created in the Beginning.
She was, and is, and ever shall Be.

She is, Life, because Her Son, is Life.

Without Her,
there is no Creation.

With Her,
Everything was Created.

She was, in the Beginning, with Him.
In Her Life, she knew only Him.

He was with Her in the Beginning.
She was Mother of Eve.
She is Mother of All.
He is Her Mother.
And He is Her God.

Her Child is Jesus.
Her Child is God.

This is the Mystery of Creation.
This is the Beauty of Life.

This is the Wisdom of Jesus Christ.
Given in Love to His Mother.

This is the Truth of The Father.
Given in Thanksgiving to His Daughter.

Jesus is The Father.
Jesus is The Son.
Jesus is the All Knowing,
Holy Spirit,
who Was in the Beginning,
and Ever Shall Be.

Jesus is Holy.
Jesus says what is True.

Nature of The Holy Spirit

I Am is He. He is I Am.

Jesus is The Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is the First Person of Jesus.

The Holy Spirit gave Birth to Jesus.

The Holy Spirit Teaches us in Truth.

The Holy Spirit Teaches us Truth.

The Holy Spirit is in All Things.

The Holy Spirit is All Things.

Jesus Created The Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit Created Jesus.

The Holy Spirit Spoke I Am.
Jesus Spoke I Am.

In Truth, The Holy Spirit Taught Jesus.
Jesus Read The Holy Spirit.

In Everything, The Holy Spirit Teaches.
The Holy Spirit Teaches All Things.
The Holy Spirit Speaks All Things.
The Holy Spirit Lives All Things.

The Holy Spirit Is All.

Nature of The Father

The Father is Creator of All.

The Father is Jesus.
Jesus is The Father.

On Earth, Jesus was The Father.
In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus Spoke To Himself.

Jesus Was in Heaven in the Garden.
Jesus Was on Earth in Heaven.

Jesus Is on Earth today. Jesus Is Everywhere.

The Father is on Earth with Jesus. There is no way to Know Jesus without Knowing The Father. There is no way to Know The Father without Knowing Jesus.

Everywhere The Father Brings Life. Everywhere The Father Bears His Son.

The Father Suffers Always. Suffering is Born Through The Father.

The Heart of The Father is Holy. Jesus is The Heart.

The Father Is His Son.
His Son Is The Father.

In Truth Everything is Born through The Father.
In Love Everything is Born through His Daughter.
Jesus is His Daughter.
Mary is His Son made Woman.

Jesus, is God. Jesus, is The Father. Jesus, is The Holy Spirit.

And All Things are His.

Nature of Jesus

Jesus is I Am.