Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of the Unknown

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of the Unknown

Nature of the Unknown

Nature of Truth

This was always True.
We can never know what is True.

We know only what has happened,
what we have Experienced.

These things are clear.

It is that nothing can be Known.

How then, do we have Faith?

It is given by God,
to give Hope,
in the Unknown.

We believe in His Gospel.
It is taught.
It is Taught by God.

What is not clear,
is if it is True.

How can it be clear,
without Faith?

It is not that we disbelieve,
it is that we Know it is by Faith we know.

When God imparts Faith,
we develop Understanding of the Experience of others.

When God gives Faith in the Unknown,
it is that God has given Knowledge to us.

Is Faith just for His Gospel?

Listen to the messages around you.
A beggar, calling in the street.

They are known to you, to need help.
But there are those who beg,
who some might say,
are not needing help.

What then is Knowledge?

His Gospel is Written.

Do we have knowledge?
Is there Knowledge?

What is True in this Revelation?
How can we Know what is True?

These things are developed in this writing.
Words have been written,
that cannot be verified,
through any means,
but God.

How do you Know if God is talking to you?

Jesus Taught things which were True.
But how do we Know they were Written,
in the Way Jesus Spoke them?

If things Change,
it is clear,
that Knowledge evolves.

What is Change?
What is the Message of the Church?

Jesus Taught He is the Living Truth.

This means, that Truth evolves.

The Unknown, is the Future Evolution of Truth.

Nothing will ever be Known,
but what we Experience.

We Experience,
Divine Teaching,
in The Holy Spirit.

Only in The Holy Spirit,
can we Know what is True.

Truth is this Nature.
Truth can only be Known to the receiver.

Everyone experiences,
what they experience.

It is not that one should learn All Things.
It is impossible.

It is that what is Known to one person,
is given to them to live by.

Each life,
each experience,
every mind,
has received Divine Teaching.
In the thoughts they receive from God.

It is the case that we are Called to share our knowledge,
it is for each person,
what they Understand.

What then is True?
Read again,
you will never Know,
only know.

Nature of Destiny

In time we come to realise that we have a destiny we are Called to.

Each life, is called in a different way.

Every way of life, is Called.
No life is not Called.

Each Calling is given to them by God.

When Jesus spoke of the men who were given talents,
He spoke of those who hid their money away.
Those people were Called to this way.
Those people were Destined to Suffer.
They did though witness Peace in the times they hid their talents.

The people who made a profit,
they invested their talents,
that they were given.

They also, were given more.
They also, were to Suffer.

When All Things are conceptually known,
it is Known,
that Suffering is our Destiny.

Destiny is about Suffering.
Destiny is the Call of Truth.

If we dislike this, recognise this Truth.
For an Eternity, in Heaven,
we see that Suffering is not what we want.
Suffering are those times, of pain.
Joy is forgotten in Suffering.
An Eternity of Suffering we will have.

Joy though is always given,
amidst the Suffering we Experience.

If we consider the Nature of Eternity,
we consider something of the infinite.
Suffering, as Joy is forgotten in Suffering, is what is infinite.

Destiny then is to Suffer.
Destiny is the Experience for Eternity.

Joy though is what we all search for.
Joy therefore, has no Meaning,
until we've Suffered again.

Why is this important to recognise?

If we await Joy,
without accepting Suffering,
we are without Purpose.

What then about those Joyful moments?

We never forget what we Suffered.

These things may seem human in nature.
It is to Understand,
that human nature,
is born of the Divine.

Our Destiny,
is Suffering.

Nature of the Future

What then for a Future Hope?
Something distant, perhaps,
or even close by.

What we live by,
is Hope.

We endure Suffering,
through Hope.

Those without Hope,

If Future Experience is to be Known,
we know only that it is something to Hope in.

If Future Experience is Suffering,
what then do we have to Hope in?

Hope for a Future which is Peaceful.
Hope for a Future which is Peace.

I am giving you time,
to make Peace.

100 years you have,
from the writing of My Prophet, Timothy, to make Peace.

These things are Written.
These things are Known.
If you know them, without Knowledge,
then Pray.

You cannot Know these things,

This is the Nature of Faith.

I Am.
I Was.
I Will Be Forever,
and so are you.

Jesus is your God.
Give Praise to the Lord God Almighty.

Prophecy, is Mine to give.
Prophecy, is Mine to keep.

Prophecy is never unfulfilled.
In time All Prophecy is Fulfilled.

Give Praise to the Lord God Almighty. He is Prophecy Itself.

This Hope is born from Jesus.

Nature of Prophecy

When a Prophet is born,
Jesus has already Written,
All Things.

When Jesus Wrote anything, He bore His Prophets.

Jesus gives us Future Hope in the Coming World.

What then is this Revelation?

It is that this is not a Prophecy,
this is Jesus.

A Prophecy is to be written by man,
the Prophecy is Written by God.

How then are we to Know whether a prophecy is Prophetic?
We will only Know when the Prophecy is Experienced.

What Hope do we have in Prophets?
We Pray,
for Truth,
to The Holy Spirit.

In Prayer,
we Hope to receive,

If we receive no Truth,
it is not yet Known.

What does the Prophet Know?

Isaiah Knew nothing.
He had no Experience of what he was writing.
He Trusted Jesus to give Truth.
He Suffered Truth in this Prophecy.

Timothy, had the same Suffering.
Timothy, has no Knowledge,
and he has no Experience,
of what is clearly Unknown.

Timothy has Trusted in Jesus.
Timothy has Suffered with Jesus.
Jesus has given Timothy Suffering,
in order to know.

What then for the Church?

It is Known by the Church how to Pray.
It is known by all people, how to Pray.
It is known by all.

If anyone believes they should not Pray,
that does not mean,
that the Prophecy,
will not Be.

If only one person Prays,
the Prophet will Suffer less.

The Church is to receive many Prophets.
This is as Written through John.

It is Known to all Prophets,
that they will Suffer.

This is the Way.

Prophecy is delivered, either way.

Nature of the Unknown

What is Known?


Every Experience,
is not real.

If Jesus, gives us this World to live in,
why would He do this,
and let us believe,
as is Written here,
that we can never Know?

Jesus gives us Freedom.
Live your life knowing,
you will Know.

Faith is given in all things,
to live by.

All Things we would never Know.

Nothing in this Revelation can ever be Known.
Only knowledge can be attained,
through the Holy Spirit.

Do we need any of this Revelation?
What meaning does it have for our lives?
We are suffering a period of untruths.
The mass media, for example, have given us untruths. Our minds our turned to things which are not true.

Why then do we need anything other than mass media?

When truth is given,
it should be verified.

How can we possibly verify anything at all,
when we have no source,
but the person delivering the information.

Only through God can we Know what is True.

Can there be truths in what is said, even unverified?

Every mouth has wisdom to provide.
But not all Wisdom is in every mouth.
Every person needs Truth.
No person has any Truth.

What then do we do?

We Pray,
to The Holy Spirit,
to Teach us what is True.

This is what God Gives.
to talk to us,
and Teach us what is true for our lives.

The truth given to the false prophet,
was False.
He said there would be no more Prophecy,
in all Eternity,
until the Coming of Jesus Christ.
This is False.

When it is Known,
Eternity has an Infinity,
of Prophets,
of Prophecy,
of Things To Come.

Jesus Guides us,
for all Eternity.