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Nature of the seen

Sale Moor, UK

Nature of the seen

Nature of the seen

The Number of this Revelation is 409562, but it's not expressable easily as a time, and would have broken the ISO date parser of my diary.

Nature of space

Time is Eternal,
in All Things.

Time though is not Understood,
in Creation.

Time and Space are not Known.

Time and Space are not divisible.
Time and Space are indivisible.
Time and Space are discrete.
Time and Space have no concept of causality.

Causality is an Illusion.

Scientific endeavour will prove this.
This is not the Purpose of His Revelation.

The Nature of Space is not Exotic,
it is indivisible,
in Time.

Space can be distorted,
and travelled,
faster than the speed of light.

Space cannot be created,
within the Universe.

Space is Given,
to Experience,

Space is Given,
to dream,
of distant worlds,
of His Creation.

Space is Given,
for new endeavours.

Space is dangerous,
but it is achievable.

When we consider space,
we consider a vast empty expanse.

Dark matter,
as it is understood,
in theories,
does not exist.

What does exist,
are forces,
to modern science.

These things are Revealed.

It is for scientists to prove them.

For the Church,
we have Proof,
in the Holy Spirit.

Pray to God,
and ask Him,
to help you with your science.

There are things which will be known,
in the coming years,
as a result,
of this knowledge.

This statement is clearly,
with the Nature of Eternity.

With this knowledge,
which atheists will say is nonsense,
and nothing but a platitude,
the Church is asked,
to reveal what is True,
to all people.

Those who disbelieve,
will regret,
not being credited,
with what will be one day,

Nature of Time

Time is Exotic.
Time cannot be travelled.
Forward and back,
Time is Given,
to Experience,

Time is fixed.
Time is Eternal.
Time is not known,
in its structure,
in its composition,
or in its Nature.

The Nature of Time cannot be expressed,
by anyone,
for Eternity.

Time is not the way you understand it.

What is true of calculus,
is Time has been used,
in an infinitely divisible manner.

Modern science,
this simplistic,
has been useful,
only to a certain point.

Time though,
is Indivisible.

Time is not Infinite.
Time is though Eternal.

The concept of Time,
does not bear Meaning,
in His Creation.

Time though,
is Life Himself.

Jesus Gives Time,
to All Things.

Time is Now,
Time is Then,
Time Will Always Be.

This is the Meaning of this:
every point in time,
if a point was to exist,
is always present,
for Eternity.

The Beginning is Now.
The Beginning is Then.
The Beginning Will Always Be.

The End is Now.
The End is Then.
The End Will Always Be.

He is the Alpha, the Omega.

He is Time.

What does this mean,
for the speed of light?

It is not true,
that the speed of light cannot be broken.

If space is indivisible,
then matter exists,
in a manner,
that it moves from one place to the next,
at a speed faster than light.

This though is not True.

Matter and Time,

Matter is Experience,
Time is Life.

In science,
this may be difficult to comprehend right now.

It is that this needs to be understood,
with new constructs,
in mathematics.

Time and Space are Indivisible.

Time though is not divisible by anyone.

Space is Indivisible too,
when considered in Time.

The author does not comprehend the Meaning of this Nature.
He does Know that it is Written by God.

Nature of matter

Matter is not as it seems.
It is beginning to be Understood,
the nature of matter,
in the way it is observed.

Exotic Natures of Matter,
do exist.

They are all observable.

What is True,
is that Time,
is inextricably combined with Space,
and His Creation,
in ways which can never be observed.

You will never be able to prove that this is True.
Without Prayer.

You will not also be able to disprove it,
with science.

His Creation is indeed something science doesn't attempt to explain,
one might think.

What then is the Universe,
to a scientist,
maybe even multiple universes,
if they were to exist,
if not the totality of His Creation,

This is His Creation,
for those people,
who Doubt these things:

All Things,
and Every Aspect of Creation.

His Crucifixion,
and All Things,

His Life.
His Eternal Suffering.
His Joy.

These things,
can be Known,
through Prayer.

will reveal some things,
through Prayer.

Those things,
scientists want to know,
have no meaning,
except in the current age,
of greed.

Suffering is born,
trying to find them.

Nature of Reality

Nothing is real,
in the sense,
you believe it.

What is real,
if Time itself,
is not even anything other,
than All Time.

Time is All Time.

Reality is an Illusion.

Nature of the Universe

The Universe,
will end,
with a blip.

Not an everlasting expanse.
Not a contraction.
A blip,
of no Suffering,
no Life remaining,
and no Experience.

Time in the Universe has no Meaning.

Nature of Matter Within Time

Time is Given.

Matter Exists in Time.

Matter does not exist through Time.

Matter Exists only for a moment.

The moment that Matter was Created,
Everything was Created.

The moment Matter ceases,
is never to be found.

The Universe is not real.
The Universe is an Illusion.

It can be likened to a computer simulation,
obeying laws,
given by God,
which He Maintains,
for the lifetime,
of this place.

Those laws can be broken,
by God,
at any time.

It is though,
they are not.

All Things were Created in the Beginning.
The Laws of the Universe,
were Created,
in the Beginning.

They are though,
always Created,
in All Time.

Heaven is not in the Universe.

Heaven sees what Jesus reveals,
of people's hearts.

Jesus reveals what He Chooses,
to those in the Universe,
and those in Heaven,
for all Eternity.

Heaven sees more than you can possibly imagine,
of the Nature of All Things.

Nature of The Outside World

There is no Universe except the one we observe.

There is though Heaven,
which you will never observe.

Until you go to Him.

Nature of mathematics

Mathematics is False.
It is provably False, too.

It is an invention,
of the mind,
a model,
to describe,
what is in the Universe.

It describes,
Exotic Things,
but these have little Meaning.

All Exotic Things,
which are supposedly proven to have meaning,
can never Exist.

Those Exotic Things,
which do Exist,
do have meaning,
for our lives.

and Logic,
can not describe,
All Things.

"I have given you thought,
to witness,
the Beauty,
of My Creation."

is not Free."

"Free Thought,
is My Illusion."

"Reason and logic,
are False."

"Reason and logic,
are invented,
in My Illusion."

"I have Logic,
I have Reason,
but you will never Know it."

Nature of What Will Never Be Found

Things exist in the Universe,
which will never be explained,
in all Time,
known to us,
in our lives in the Universe.

Preserving evidence of His Creation,
is an art,
not a science.

What is Written,
in Genesis,
is True.

What is Written,
in Genesis,
has Meaning.

What is Written,
by science,
on the nature of creation,
is not True.

What then is the Meaning,
of science?

Science is for the current age,
to help us to live.

Science is for art,
to witness the beauty of what we find.

Novel ideas,
are most of science.

Novel ideas,
which help us to live.

There is no meaning,
except this.

Nature of Fundamental Beliefs

When we find Truth,
in Prayer,
to the Most High.

He describes things of Meaning.

Fundamental scientific beliefs,
are never going to be found.

The Universe is Exotic.

and Mathematics,
will never explain Time.

is inextricably linked to His Creation.

Heaven would need to be observed,
as one example,
in this sense,
which it can never be,
to form a model,
which fully explains,
the Nature of the Universe.

This though, can never be proven with science.
You will never be able to disprove it either.

Those who try,
for their entire lives,
are often granted Peace,
knowing it is impossible.

Those who do not find Peace,
in the Nature of All Things,
are not Chosen.

Those who Witness God,
and the Beauty of His Creation,
are Chosen,
to Witness.

I once wanted,
to describe these things.

But they have no meaning.

They do though,
have Reason,
in wanting to describe them.

Thinking about the Construction of His Creation,
and indeed the Nature of All Things,
is an art.

It is Beauty we find.

It is Beauty we find in Him.

Jesus Christ,
is Our Lord,
thank Him,
for the scientific endeavour,
which guides us,
to new ways,
of living.

Once I wrote,
and was forced to delete,
after abuse from some people,
in California.

That writing,
death in two generations,
for the martian endeavours.

This Will Be.

What was also Written,
is that those who Suffer,
will not Suffer in vain.

Those discoveries,
will help us live.

Nature of All Things

All Things have Meaning beyond what is in the Universe.

The Universe,
and all it contains,
has no Meaning.

The Nature of Eternity,
is not present,
in the Universe.

The Universe,
is Nothing.

"I will never Reveal,
more than you Know,
in Time."

For Eternity,
All Things,
are Hidden.

Nature of the Seen

There is no meaning in what is seen.

Nothing is indeed witnessed,
in our lifetimes.

Nothing is observable,
of any Meaning.

Only what we see,
is an Illusion.

Only what we observe,
we have not Observed.

The observance,
of Time,
has no Meaning.

The Observance,
of what is in our minds,
what is present in our hearts,
is the only way for us to have Meaning.