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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of the Eucharist

Kensington, UK

Nature of Wisdom

Nature of the Eucharist

Nature of the Crucifixion

He was Crucified to Bring Life to All People.
He was Crucified in Agony.
He was Crucified,
Suffering the Sins of All People.
He was Crucified,
and Gave you His Body.

His Body delivers Life.
His Blood Poured Out for All People.

Nature of All Things

Jesus is All Things.

Nature of His Body and Blood

Jesus is All Things.

All People receive His Body and Blood,
without which they have no Life.

All Things,
All People,
must receive His Body and Blood.

Life is found,
when His Body and Blood,
are in our hearts.

Make a home in our hearts, Lord,
and let Your Love,
shine out for all to see,
the Beauty of Your Heart.

Nature of the Eucharist

Jesus is All Things.

The Eucharist is for All People.