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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of the End

Kensington, UK

Nature of the End

Nature of the End

Nature of the Apocalypse

John wrote Words from Jesus.

In his Writing,
John spoke of the End.

There is a Court,
which Judges,
All People,

There is a Court,
in Heaven.

The Living are Damned,
for All Time.

The Living are Being Taught,
by the Holy Spirit.

The Burning Lake of Sulphur,
is that Teaching,
we are all Born into.

Deliver us Lord,
from the Slavery of our Birth,
Guide us Lord,
and Teach us the Way.

The Apocalypse is Here.

We are Being Taught.
In this Time we Suffer.

100 years,
to the Coming of Christ.

Christ is Here,
if you Hear Him.

Christ is Here,
for the Laymen,
the Meek,
the Humble,
the Downtrodden,
and those Jesus has Chosen.

His Kingdom,
is Everlasting.

The End is not now.

Nature of Mary

Mary is born through one child,
a daughter,
of a holy man.

Mary is born one day,
once more.

That child is in a family of Saints.
Of Popes.
Of those who inherit the Keys to His Kingdom,
Entrusted to Peter,
and through Isaac.

Our Lord,
has Given these Gifts,
to this family.

This family is Blessed.

Mary is born one day,
through this fifth child.

Her name,
is Chosen.

Nature of Jesus

Jesus is Born in Mary's Womb.

Jesus is Born at the End.

The End is near.

5000 years is longer than the Universe's Age,
from now.

The End is near.

Nature of the End

No one will survive the End.
All People wait for the End of Life in this World.