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Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of the Child Jesus

Kensington, UK

Nature of the Child Jesus

Nature of the Child Jesus

Nature of Birth

We are born,
in our bodies,
in time.

We are born,
in Spirit,
in the Beginning.

Jesus was Born,
in Him,
in the Beginning.

All Birth,
was Born,
in Him.

He is The Word,
and that Word is Life.

Nature of Maternity

Mary is the Mother of All Life.
Mary is the Image of Maternity.
Mary gives Life to All Things in Her Womb.
Mary is born of Eve,
Mary is Born in Jesus.

Motherhood was Given to Mary for All Time.
Motherhood is,
the Beauty of Life.

Motherhood is the destination of all our Joy.
Motherhood is the source of all Comfort.

Jesus bore Woman,
to be Our Mother,
to be Mary.

Jesus bore Woman,
to bear Him.

Jesus bore Himself,
to serve Woman.

The desire Given to Woman,
is to bear fruit.

The desire Given to Man,
is to bring fruit to Woman.

Nature of the Annunciation

The Call of the Apostle brings forth His Kingdom.
Mary was Called,
and her heart,
was ready to accept Him.

Mary had freedom,
Mary was not Free.

An answer to Mothering the Son of God,
Our Lord,
the Child Jesus,
was on her lips,
through her Son,
the Holy Spirit.

Mary was not Free.

Nor are we.

Nature of the Temple

Our Lord Gave His Life,
to Free us.

Our Lord Gave His Life,
to Free us from Guilt.

The Guilt of Sin,
the Guilt of lack of Freedom.

Our Lord taught us,
He Spoke,
our hearts were enlightened,
and our Message from Jesus,
was Forgiveness.

Freed us from Guilt,
through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

His Temple,
is our heart.

His Presence,
is in All Things.

His Temple,
is within.

came to Simeon,
to Heal him,
to Breathe Word,
in His Mother.

His Mother,
is Our Mother.

Our Mother,
is the Love in our hearts.

Our Mother's Love,
is from Jesus.

Our Mother's Love,
is for All Things,
Jesus Himself.

Nature of Teaching

Our lives are meaningless,
without the Holy Spirit,
Giving Life to All Things.

There is nothing in this world,
but Him.

We are all here,
but we exist,
for His Desire.

Our Lord created us,
and He Lives,
through us,
His Children.

We are Taught,
to Experience Life,
a constant ebb and flow of Suffering and Joy,
for all Eternity.

Our Lives are Precious,
because Jesus Created us.

Our Lives have Meaning,
because Jesus is in us.

Nature of God

Our Lord God created Himself as Man,
in the Beginning.

He humbled Himself,
before His Creation.

He Loves us.

He is Love.
He is Life.
He is All Things,
and He Is.

Nature of the Child Jesus

The Child Jesus is God.
The Child Jesus is the Father.
The Child Jesus is the Holy Spirit.
The Child Jesus is Our Lord.

When we ask for Jesus to be with us in Life,
we pray to Jesus the Infant,
we pray to Jesus the Child,
we pray to Jesus the Growing,
we pray to Jesus the Man,
we pray to Jesus Our Father.

The Infant Jesus is Innocent,
and we Slaughter Him.

There is nothing greater in this world than the Love of Our Mother for Her Son.

Peace be with you, this Christmastide.