Diary of Wisdom and Love

Nature of Redemption

Moorside Unit, Urmston, UK

Nature of Redemption

Nature of Redemption

Nature of Damnation

We are not damned.
No one is damned.
Damnation does not exist.

For Eternity,
we see Paradise.

Damnation was Taught,
in order to bring to Fruition,
His Ascension.

Damnation was the Teaching,
of the Age of Suffering.

Damnation was to Understand,
that we are not holy,
we are sinful,
and we are damned.

We are no one.
We are nobody.
We are without anything,
without the Lord God.

We must Pray,
that we have Peace.

Nature of Hell

These times we Suffer,
are hell.

Hell is the lake of fire,
descending on all people,
in this age.

Paradise is not found here,
Paradise awaits us in Heaven,
in Eternity.

Everything we have is Given by God.

All Evil is created by God.

Everyone who is Evil,
is all people.
All people,
are Evil.

Evil is done by all people.
All people do what God Wills.

Hell is not a place to be without Peace.
Hell is where we live.

is the absence of God,
in our hearts.

is the lack of God,
the lack of Peace,
and the lack of Love.

is never to be Suffered,
for Eternity.

is with God,

is not a place,
that exists,
after our death.

is death,
in sin.

When we are relieved of our Suffering,
we find God,
and He creates that Desire in us,
to say 'Yes!' to the question:
"Do you want Me?"

We will always say 'Yes!'
when we find Him!

Yes is never an answer,
we create ourselves.

In our deaths,
in our journey to God,
we are prepared,
for the Everlasting Life,
with Jesus Christ.

Jesus has Given everything we need.

Nature of the Holy Fire

The Holy Fire descended on the nation of our birth.
The Holy Fire created our Suffering,
in Evil,
from each other,
and from the Lord God.

Suffering is the method of Teaching.
The Holy Fire,
the Holy Spirit,
is our Saviour.

In Teaching,
we receive Redemption.

The Holy Spirit bears a Lake,
all over this world.

In every corner,
on every road,
in every city,
in every place,
The Holy Spirit,

The Age of Peace is upon us.
All people,
are in Hell.

Nature of Redemption

All People are Redeemed,
in the Coming of Jesus Christ.

Jesus has Come!
Jesus is Here!
Jesus has Brought New Life to All People!